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Anthiam  making up  a  didg cover.

What can I say about my good lady, friend and partner.

Anthiam, aside from making the best covers in the land,  and working with me in keeping the management of the biz ticking, is a great guide as to quality and pricing  and aesthetics  of how we approach our business. .

As to didg playing shes  happy just listening to  me play, even though she tried it out for a while; yet she loves   playing the flute  and playing together with  the didg  has been a fun  exploration.

Anthiam  also manages our home , grounding a beautiful space for our family; and she   searches out and grows the best organic food, sprouts  and wheatgrass.

A partner in business ,family and life , she's a great friend and our journeying is very rich.


 P.S.- april 2007.......These days Anthiam works also with her passion Health Foods, working in a Health Food shop as well.


The following was written in 2000

Further perspectives on  our journeying as a couple and on the harmony of male and female   in regard to didg.

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