Brad  worked with Heartland Didgeridoos for several years  and despite being new to didg when he started out, he took to playing and making like I haven't seen before. These days he has gone on to other endeavours, and it is a pleasure to honour the great many awesome didgs he made.

Brad is a multi musician with a natural sense of rhythm. Some of the complex didg rhythms he beat out in his first weeks of playing blew me away. Before didg he worked in the music insustry and was involved in recording - sound engineering for some of the most notable bands that Oz has produced. This explains him taking to didg like a duck to water. Sound engineering is working with the subtleties and finetuning to bring the best out.


That same instinct is perfect for crafting a didg or journeying into the sound possibilities. Add to that, his enjoyment and background in producing classic black and white, symbolic and abstract drawings and he has taken to the burning - artwork with great enjoyment and skill.

Brad grew up in Southern NSW before spending a number of years in Sydney. Moving to Bellingen opened many doors and whilst being happy settling he is always up for life and opportunities. Whether making didgs, creating art pieces, teaching guitar or recording music he is a source of rich creativity.

, Tynon


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