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Brian is one of those didg fella's whose respect for didg  is a way of life with little thought of shoulds or should nots. It just is , and  didg making,  ebbs and flows in his life ,when he feels like it ,when it fits in with  the whole. Theres no expectation of outcomes ,his didg making is pure creativity  in simplicity or complexity  sometimes leading to going all the way, without thought of time and energy inputed or where or how it may come back.

Brian is based on a rural bush property in the Bellingen area

,whilst being at home wherever. With his clan he is often of camping or travelling somewhere if given half the chance. We met through our daughters being in the same class,and on the many class camps and school gatherings I've noticed Brian's didgs would always be close at hand, -his deep noted didg a companion , going hand in hand with a tall  tree of  a man vibrating earths deep resonance.

Brians,didg artwork and carving work is  intricate and creative,and deeply thoughtfull , dreaming that touchs the roots of what didg is calling for.With Brians didgs whether  simple or intricate ,you can be assured of receiving   a didg loved into being and carrying  a vibe that is calming and grounding.



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