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John at the Bellingen Markets

About John
by Tynon

Johns family and mine have been strongly connected for close on 17 years,and they were our contact when we first moved to Bellingen So when I became busy with the didgs, it was an obvious choice to ask John for  a hand. We've now worked together on didgs for close on four years.

In that time John has been building a LARGE home for his mob.

His home reflects his relationship with didg. Beautifull timber finished inside and out ,wood ,wood and more wood,sanded ,stained ,featured!!

Thats the vibe behind  him making a didg, sitting down , cradling it ,and bringing the best out of it.Loving it into being. He's fussy,choosing  to work on  primo logs ,straight flaring ,solid,good grain. He's a craftsman that knows how to bring the best sound out of a didg as well as the features of the outside.

John feels strongly about the value of didg in helping us connect with the spiritual values of the Indigenous people,the land and nature and find a connected sense of those values in his life. With this is the awareness of what has happened over the last 200 years and the grief felt for what is lost or hurting.  John feels didgeridoo as part of the guiding force of reconciliation  and remembering, and he hopes to connect more and more with Indigenous folk and see the barriers between us all come down.


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