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"I've been trying to get this fella's didgs on the site  for quite a while. Not surprising when he's a  damn good maker, and an excellent player with a good judgment for a good  didg. But also we're blood. 

Kev and I we're building farm sheds together, travelling and working together around the state  when I got into didg. We'd skated , surfed and worked together, didg was an obvious next step, and became   something we did in our spare time. As  life would have it we both  came to a point where  building was left behind and  didg became our primary  focus. I shifted interstate and our directions in didg parted physically.

Since the mid 90's Kevin has been running didg workshops, which grew into a business "Didg Nights" It has become the most focused didg learning  forum in the city of Melbourne. In the south of OZ , Melbourne is nearly furthest from traditional didg tribal areas. Yet funny enough its become one of the   most active areas  in Oz for didg related events. From Didjfest , to Didgbash, to Didg nights. Theres always something going  down  didgwise and the network is real strong. Didg Nights  and Didgbash( a weekend didg campout) , have been two of Kevs focuses. Didg Nights happen  in three  areas in Melbourne weekly and are for beginners through  to advanced players. The monthly guest night for workshop leaders, and performers and periodic  concert nights , has helped bring together all the didg folk in Melbourne , and operates as a forum for travelling didg performer/workshop leaders.
Occassionally Kev gets up  into my State ,when he has a festival to do , and   occassionally I get down south , on a  didg finding trip. 1600kms means   ours catch ups involve a journey. Catching up together  in Melbourne also means the rest of our family. Didg is more than just  business  for Kev and I. Our father Tony  plays  as well and has been a partner in our bush trips and enjoys making didgs and one of our  other brothers   play as well. So disapearing down the shed to work  on some didgs is a family thing and  the   outside fire at night is  a regular ritual at our parents  bush home. Didg keeps grounding into our life, as well as keeping us grounded.
Kevin and his lady Leanne have four children between them, their two youngest, Jordan  and Aisha are in the photo. Leane is very supportive     with the Didg Night biz ( she plays abit of didg as well), and together with Leanes Candle biz  they take their didgs and candles to  markets and festivals  in Victoria and now  interstate.

Kev is an accomplished player  and in teaching  established  players   in a  group setting he  has  honed his skills. For some time he has been working  on a CD  which will be a good buy when it comes out.

I'm not sure how many didgs I'll be a ble to pry away from the fella to keep on the Heartland site, for he is always  in demand with  his students and now exporting into Europe, but I'll keep onto him  and hopefully we''ll see  more of his work for sale here. His  skills with didg  ensure that didgs  of his on the site will be choice players.", Tynon

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