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ABOUT 'LEIGH' by Tynon

Leighs was the first didg player I met when I moved to the area. Didg and music pulsed through him and it still does.  He bought  a primo hardwood didg, yet he's always into the bamboo  hollows making the most of the local resourses. An instument is something he immerses himself into until its lifeblood that flows effortlessly. Like didg he took up guitar and within months played like someone that had been playing for a decade.

I'd always resisted taking in Bamboo didgs being  a hardwood purist, until I got given a nice piece which I made. Connecting with the bamboo I opened to the  bamboo and Leighs spirit behind it and with excitement invited him to advertise his Bamboo didgs on the site .As in the photo,Leigh shares his love for life and expression and his bambooees are charged with it.

Leigh lives on a local community in his Tipi and is  a strong example of living earth connected. A good friend with a good heart.
If your after a good  playing ,light  didg , that is economical and perhaps keyed to fill out your didg range, get hold of one of Leighs didgs. Each one is detailed with different artwork done by burning patterns and markings.


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