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Mungadoo Didgs


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On the road-Noosa Heads -Queensland
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more pics below


Mungalli didgin with dad
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Mungalli getting a didg massage with his head in a BIG didg-Look out for this didg in the futuremungalli2.JPG (6303 bytes)

The proud maker
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Munga by  Tynon
 Via the  pictures I hope you can connect with a special man I've got to know. A man deep and reserved, and yet the opposite, out there, funny, heartening. He's an earth man exploring relationship with the natural world in an ancient way, dreaming, feeling,and   following the magic and the signs ,and honouring the magic by bringing it alive in his didgs . He does this in no half hearted way. Munga the long dreaded fella who sings all the old bush songs,like an old drover, Munga who agonises over making didgs because of his sensitivity to respecting aboriginal folk, Munga who cuts dead rather than alive hollow logs out of sensitivity to the bush, a fella at home with his family , on the road or sleeping under the stars. Going bush is part of his life long walkabout thats seen him cruising around the country since he was nineteen .

I've got  a Mungadoo didg and it means a lot to me for I know the fella who breathed it in. We live thousands of kms away and our didgin via the internet is a rich way we have kept connected until our next journey together. As bros we've,travelled, stepped into the unknown,worked ,  laughed ,fought ,cried, together. The Heartland journey is finding  a  way to honour that richness and share the magic. 


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