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Nathan is a  class didg maker   and a born artist. Check out his  didgs on the site,  Some of the best you'll see anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<<Nathan carrying the Olympic torch through his local area.

Examples of his amazing art ~burnt work  combined with stain work


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When I first connected in with Nathan I had already come across another Peckham didg maker and artist, a family member  who lives up in North Queensland.  And since meeting Nathan, independently, I've come across other Peckhams. He definately has a rich history of artistic talent in his family. The following write up was prepared  by a family member.

More on   NATHAN  

A career in painting was almost inevitable for Nathan as a member of the Peckham family, who have been lending their talent to aboriginal art for over 25 years.

Nathanís passion for painting was nurtured by his mother and her two brothers and sister who were all very talented artists. Their effort and skill has filtered down through to their children with 10 of them painting for a living in some capacity. Nathan is the youngest of all the practising artists at 25 and even at this relative young age, he has 10 years experience in aboriginal art under his belt and now has just started his very own business, producing his unique style of paintings on canvas and decorated didgeridoos. His business is the 5th business to come from the Peckham family.

IMAJIN Aboriginal Fine Arts is based in Dubbo and commenced trading in March of this year. A native of Dubbo and a descendant of the Tubbah Gah people, Nathan aims to use his talent to educate people on the beauty and importance of his ancestral land. He also wants to raise the profile of aboriginal art as he feels that the art form is in jeopardy of being commercialised.

  Nathan is a very talented artist whose innovative designs are quite popular, and at such a young age his best work is yet to come.


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