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arrow.gif (140 bytes) Heartland Didgeridoo’s is registered with the NSW Dept. of Fair Trading
arrow.gif (140 bytes) Business Registration No. U3343213   ABN No.78 807 640 516
arrow.gif (140 bytes) Principal Place of Business:
Shop2/25 Hyde st, Bellingen, NSW 2454.
arrow.gif (140 bytes) Proprietors:
Tynon Bradford Alaom & Anthiam Bradford Alaom

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We’ve been making didgs since 1993 and have always made didgs from a passionate players perspective. I started out,  making  didgs   to build my  own playing collection and before long I  had more than I needed. For the first couple of years as a hobby business I’d sell word of mouth and journey to the Down to Earth Confest -a large festival twice yearly that attracted large no’s of didg players.  It was a place where us folk would connect up and we'd exchange much in 10 days camped together. The didg  makers would often set up   in the market place and  the 5-10,000 festival goers  would keep us didging strong and passing on many a good instrument. It was real grass roots happening with the festival becoming a way of life over  such a time camped together. It wasn't a music festival so folk everywhere would  gather organically in groups and there would be jamming most everywhere.  These  times set the  scene for   Heartland Didgeridoos  and what we're on about. Connecting up  with and supporting fellow players.

Also from very early on didg has been  a family affair. My   brother , Kevin  and I were building   farm sheds in the years before didging and   so when I got my first didg it wasn't long before he was into it.He's now also  a full-time didg maker, workshop facilitator and top player and our father Tony  also plays, supports finding and making didgs and, has been a strong example of how to walk the path, grounded in this changeable modern world.

Since 1994  we've been selling to workshop leaders and from 1995 overseas orders was next step with regular  orders from Europe initially and now from many corners of the globe.In 1997 we started working towards our web site and launched it in 1998. This further allowed us to continue to develop our focus on quality  didgs. We were the first we saw on the web to develop sale of individually featured didgeridoos and have continued to expand this focus, and still have the largst display of indivdual didgs on the web. Many others have joined the web didg scene and there are some brilliant web sites  out there and together,   you can see the  incredible range of didg possibilities out in the land of didg.

Aside from making our own didgs, we source  from  other makers  who approach didg in a similar way. We have didgs  from the far North Queensland to the far south in  Victoria to the west over in  Western Australia, so we're renowned for the range of didgs we stock.

To keep it  alive , I continue to go bush myself and make, paint and play, as well as  support with indigenous and non  indigenous   comings together.  This way  I dont get disconnected from didgs  roots.

Its more than an instrument, a product , a cultural symbol or ritual object;  its a mystery, and  it  keeps it alive and fun.,


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