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17th Jan 2007     Ayis Livadis - Cyprous
Hi Tynon,
The didg is now with its family. We love it. Thanks for making this possible. It is a very strong and powerful didg and met my great expectations. It gives very good vibrations as well. ................
................Will talk to you soon. I wont loose a chance to recommend you.
Best wishes, Ayis

9th Jan 2007    Alan Gould -Ireland
tynon thanks a million!!!! its beautiful, got it just before new year, took it down to my friends house for new year, not easy to play with a few beers in ya!! i made a stand for it so i can keep my hand free to play the boharan with it, must send ya a picture of it...
Happy new year to you and your family tynon, love the didge, shes a beauty!!!!!   Alan.....

31st Dec 2006    Catee Ingwersen- Florida USA
Hi Tynon: Thanks for doing such a super job with my order.  (The smaller bag is a "just fit", a little shorter than the allowance on the large bag.  In other words, the end of the didj came exactly to the end of the small bag.  The large bag is slightly longer than that large didj, a wee more allowance.  Either way the padded flap covers the mouth piece.)  Very nicely made and high quality....I'd agree...the best available.
Gary really really likes them!!!  In fact he said if that was his only gift that would be fine.  He quickly put his didges in the bags and slung one over his chest and had "an experience" of past life proportion.  Huh.  Very cool and that made it twice as nice. 
 He can now ride his mountain bike into the woods and play his didj "out there" as dreamed. Thanks again. And he was happy to have another CD to add to his collection too.
Sincerely Catee Ingwersen   

23rd Dec 2006   Bryan ScotsonSmith -UK
Hi Tynon,
Great News, my new didge arrived today. "Outstanding" does not seem right to describe it !!.. What a beautiful sound, and the artwork by Brian is awesome, he must be a very proud man. Please pass on my thanks to him.
 Can't wait to show if off at the Didge Club on Friday and I will hand out the cards etc. that you enclosed. My Blessings to all in the "Land Down Under"

& later

I had a great night yesterday at the club, and my "new stick" was played by Nick Burman, who is probably the best Didge player in Europe. He was giving a pre tour sample to us.
 He said that is was a great Didge to play and he complemented the quality of the artwork, praise indeed :) The club was packed as word had got out that he was performing.
 After the performance loads of people approached me to ask where I got it and who made it....................
hey Tynon, 
 20th Dec 2006  Carl Murray-Canada
"Kinship arrived this morning! 
First of all, we didn't think it would get here in time for Christmas let alone the 19th. (cool)   I've been on it for the past 2 hours and I was blown away!  It was worth all of time you spent playing over the phone.   I found that everything I thought I had heard over the phone was surprisingly accurate, only in real life, the experience is ten times what I even expected!
 I now have a better idea of what I would like in my next didg, and seeing as though this one is for my dad, I'm going to start saving for my next one. Expect to hear from me this spring!
 Thanks Carl Murray 

12th Dec 2006   Santiago Rojas- Chile South America
The Didg arrived wednesday afternoon. Though I wasn't there at the moment. I  arrived at night, it's really an all rounder i love it. It's like you said clear and warm, very loud and resonant, excellent backpressure, easy trumpets... mmm...
I attached a picture of me with the Didg.... it's so nice....Thank you Tynon for your help and good vibes, good luck.

8th May 2006 - Steve Williams-  MI USA
Hey Tynon, guess my e-mail yesterday scared the postman, the bag came in today! It's a perfect fit for the didge, nice deep pocket on the side , just a real nice didge bag, the only one I will ever need I suspect. Ron is gonna wish he had the padded bag for his munga didge.
Thanks for your help and for the high quality, but I expected no less, Rons didge and the bag sold me., Steve

25th Dec 2005 Don Metzgar PI USA
Tynon.  The didg arrived AM the 23rd.  It is absolutely beautiful!!  It takes ones breath away, no pun intended.  You did a marvelous job on it and I am sure My Grandson and his descendants will cherish it always.  Thanks again.  My best to you and yours...don

27th Oct 2005 Ben Fitzpatrick  Western Australia

Hey Tynon,
Yep we have received the didge and given it a reasonable play.
It has surpassed our hopes so we are really grateful for all your effort in getting it to us.
I played with a cello player from the WA symphony orchestra last night.
We seriously could not differentiate between the didge and her cello.
quite literally the didge and cello put out the exact same note, body, tone, frequency, everything.
I could almost trick myself I was playing the didge when it was actually her and vice versa.
So its pitch is spot on and it is a really clear crisp player.
Thanks again.
will be in touch and let you know what we are doing from time to time.
We might also be chasing one in E in the near future so we will let you know if and when.,              Ben Fitzpatrick

20thAug 2005- Javier Florida USA
Hey Tynon, ......it arrived safely. It is beautiful and I am having a great time experimenting with it and learning to play. Thanks again for all your help and I'll keep in touch. I may have some questions about playing techniques and maybe you can give me some advice. Talk to you later., Javier

12th Aug 2005   - Bob Pettit-OR  USA
Wow, they are really nice, thanks.
Can't tell you how pleased I am.
Take care and let me know when you update the website or get new didjs you think I'd be interested in.
Chow, Bob

26th July 2005    Henare Walmsley - Wellington, New Zealand

....the 'D' didg, I picked up from DHL about 4:00pm my time today and managed to have half and hour on it so far.
Choice! as us kiwis would say.  Its a certainly an impressive piece.... cheers bro,
9th June 2005 - Jack Landis - PA USA
Dear tynon
    this is jack landis from the u.s. if you recall you recently made a didge for me i believe you called eagles view. i suspected at the time this would become my favorite instrument and it truly has.i recently purchased another one of your instruments elsewhere &i was wondering if it would be possible to get a bag made to fit this didge like the one that came with the the view.
  sincerely jack

20th APRIL 2005 Johann  Nothbauer - AUSTRIA
Hi Tynon! Last night I dreamed 'bout OZ and didge - playing...And you know what, today the didge arrived! Perfect timing ;-) I like the artwork very much, really enjoy it. The bag is very useful for me, too. After three hours  "ooohmmmoooooooeeeeeehhommmmmmmmm......"  thank you very much for your work! Greetings, Johann

30th Sept 2004 Jan Mostov
Tynon:   The didg has arrived, and it is beautiful!  Its gonna be one of my favorites!  Great carry bag too.  The CDs I ordered from you are all excellent as well.   Good luck to you and your family....Jan

August 2004      Ron Card   Ontario Canada
I'm very pleased with the quality of products you provide and your personal touch in service, that's why I'm back again! ...., Ron

11th July 2004 Lonzo Wilson  USA
Tynon, I just wanted to thank you for the didge. I got it last week. I see what you mean about the wood quality, sturdy as a rock and good for beginners. The design is beautiful. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your time and effort. Sincerely,     Lonzo

2-7-2004 - Mark Tanimoto - Hawaii USA
Hi Tynon, just wanted to let you know the didg arrived today in perfect shape. It's a very fine instrument indeed and plays easily even for someone who's never played one before. I still have to master circular breathing which I learned in my band days many years ago but haven't put to use in well over two decades so the didg has given me new purpose to learn and connect with folks Down Under. Brian's carving work is fantastic and the Goanna is masterfully crafted to reflect it's spiritual connection with Aboriginal culture. I have cared for a wide assortment of Australian animals, big and small, over the years but I don't remember ever caring for Goannas so now I can say I have one of my very own.
Thank you very much for the didg and the padded case.
Aloha, Mark

1-7-2004 -Mike Wofchuck- CA USA
Got the big bag.It's beautiful.THe cds are great.thank you my friend mike

30-6-2004 - Mark Spruce - United Kingdom
Hi Tynon,
Yes, I have Munbilla safe and sound and she truly is beautiful !! It took a while for her to get used to here new home, but she is absolutely singing now. Its funny how plane journeys and the climate change seem to unsettle yidaki's and it takes a week or two for them to acclimatise and bring out their personalities. The art work is stunning and suits Munbilla well. Any more and it would cover over too much of the amazing wood grain, any less and it would not have set it off. Please pass my thanks on to Kristian for discovering her and creating such a beautiful instrument.
Good to hear from you. Good didgin,  Mark

24-6-2004 - Jeff Hartbeck- Missouri USA
Just got it yesterday afternoon. No worries on the wait. Inner Light is WELL worth it! I can tell already that this one will give me the energy to help my inner light shine. Doug is an outstanding artist. Just looking at it I can see the time and energy he put into this didg. It is absolutly beautiful. You were right, the wood left alone between the snakes is just as much art as the snakes. Oh yeah, it plays like a champ too!! Anyway, thanks agian for hookin' me up with another fantastic didg. You always come through! They all take me on great journeys without even going anywhere.
Peace & Blessings till next time.

1-5-2004 - Helene Carter

Just wanted to say thank you. Steven is enjoying the didg.

Have a great year


20-4-2004 - Stefan Reich - Germany

Hi Tynon,

the didge has landed.

I am really impressed !!! I never played a didge which is so loooooud... It is just great.

As I haven´t played a high pitch didge so I need some pressure to play the basic tone.. but I guess with a little of practise it will be sufficient in a while...

btw : the didge bag is awesome... all my friend are envious...

Tynon thanks a lot again and keep on going to make people happy all over the world...

big hug to down under bro

see ya...

30-3-2004 - Pacale Portmann

Hi Tynon,

Great, thanks. The didge has arrived at my relatives place. Thanks a lot for the great delivery and quick help. Pascale


16-3-2004 -Robert Kieren- TN, USA

Tynon - Received the Didg today. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful! ! ! Nice warm sound. I love it! I will start listening to the CD you sent with it in the next few days when I have some spare time.

Wow, you guys do some serious work! This one makes the one I already had look and sound like a toy. I will recommend HeartDidg as THE place to purchase an incredible and functional work of art.


1-3-2004 - Ken la Poma- Jersey USA

Well, Tynon....

Back when I was going with the custom didge idea, I figured that it couldn't hurt to take a look at a couple of instruments that were already done. When I saw the taper of the C#, I was really impressed - that was the main thing that got me, not to mention the artwork. What a big, clear voice! The vocals and harmonics are terriffic, thanks to the big open bore. It's excatly what I was hoping for, and everything you said it would be. I just made one change to it, though. I painted a pair of sunglasses on the old fella to make him look like Djalu Gurruwiwi. No I didn't!

Well, I'm very happy with this fine piece.
Thanks for everything...


23-2-2004-Ian Moorhouse - UK

Hi Tynon sorry ive not been in touch to thank you for the magnificiant dij you guys sorted for me and for trevors as well. He is well happy with the dij he received. Please could you send the details of my dij and trevors e.g type of timber the names etc. if you could send them on a piece of paper so i can use it for insurance purposes,that would be great. I cant believe the back pressure on the dij you sent for me its just a magical dij thanks Tynon again. My dij journey has moved on quite a bit since i was fortunate enough to hook up with you and heartland, I look forward to doing more business in the future, Take care for now mate thanks again cheers ian....

10-1-2004 -Misty Richardson - UK

Happy New Year to you and you family!!!

The best news is that it came right in time!!!! Xmas eve - I was buzzing, and the best thing was - Ian was in town when it arrived - so he still did not have a clue!!! I hid it and presented it after he had opened his other gifts and thought he had nothing left to open... perfect.
The sound is wonderful and the artwork fabulous, all I can say is Thankyou soooo much for helping me to find a wonderful didg for Ian... He loves the artwork - especially the aboriginal fella's head - smashing!!! So once again Thankyou very much for your efforts,

Ian will be emailing you shortly, he could not stop saying thanks, as it was true surprise for him... Take Care and will be in touch in the future

love and best wish's

17-12 2003- Marsha Goodman- USA

Good Afternoon Tynon,
Just wanted you to know that I received your box this afternoon. It is wrapped so well that I will not try to unwrap and rewrap for Christmas but the box does not appear to be damaged at all so I am pretty sure it arrived in good condition. I can't thank you enough for all your help and your efforts in getting this to me before Christmas. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and I know this didg will mean a very merry Christmas for our son. Marsha Goodman

17-12-2003 - Sue Burchall -USA

Got it! Looks like she's in transit and headed our way. We'll keep tabs on her until she arrives. I'm so glad we were guided your way, Tynon. You've been a pleasure to deal with. We'll let you know when the didg gets here.

Peace to you,

9-12-2003- Liz Feistemel- Illinois USA

I received the didges tooday and they are so wonderful! Thank you so so much! I really like the E, the shape the beauty of the grain. Such a capturing sound as well. I really really like the natural too! How neat, it is such a cool cool didg. I love how it's so light, powerful sound, and so easy and really fun to play. Thank you so much for suggesting that one, friend. It is such a treat!

Blessings my friend,


11/5/99  Tony Miller , Baltimore , USA


What a pleasure to get the two didgs today. Really makes a Monday cheerful ! When I first saw them on the web I was impressed with the appearence, those
pictures don't come close to doing justice to them in real life. The colors
are so rich.

They are all one could ask for. Can't imagine buying a didg from anyone else now. The price,  the fast
shipping,  the personal touch, as well as the best sounding instruments I
have heard.....not bad for a Whitefella.  Way to much fuss in the States as
to whether your didg is made by an Aboriginal or not. It's the sound that
counts no matter who made it.

Look forward to your next posting to the site.
Tynon, again thank you so much for such a pleasant experience and for you
part in finding these didgs I was meant to have. They have found a good home.

Thanks Friend..... Tony


3/6/99  Emily Wilson-Washington

Its beautiful!!!!    She was so surprised and excited and she keeps
saying how its the best birthday present she ever got :-)

We just couldn't get over the beautiful raised paint job on the didg too.
You told me about the case but I didn't realize it was going to be that
nice.  Thank you so much we couldn't be any happier. 

Take Care Tynon :-)

4/6/99 Jack Redwine- California


Yes we got the didge it's great.  Just what I was looking for.  Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I've been out of town.  Thanks again for the great didge.  

Jack Redwine

10/6/99 Gil Hatala- Texas

Everyone is thrilled with their didges. Mike is in awe of  Precious Layers,
enamored by Rainbow Serpent and disbelieving of Horses Hoof.  Carrie is
overwhelmed with the beauty, grace, sound and ease of her glorious A didge and
possessive of Flight of Bird. I Think my Drought Breaker and Crocodile Dreaming
are absolutely wonderful. Crocodile Dreaming is like liquid sound and drought
breaker haunts the edges of realities. And on and on. Big Belled B is super.
Chunky is a "hoot". The "Eagle" soars and the E didge caught the man's fancy and
"strong and gentle" fits the man who in many ways is a minimalist.
Thank you again, Tynon.

8/6/99 Noah Woods- Toronto Canada

the following paragraphs are exerts from 2 emails

Hi Tynon,

Well the didges made it safe and sound and I can't begin to tell you how
impressed I am with them.  Thank you again for all your support in the
selection process and I look forward to our next interaction.  Blessings to
all involved,

It's good to know we both feel the same way.  My wife and I were speaking
today of the rarity in connecting with people who share the same goals,
visions and values.  I feel a deepening need for more intimate, open and
honest heart centred comunication between people.  The fact that I am able
to find that on the internet gives me increased faith that as a humanity we
will some day reclaim our sacred duty to one another and most importantly
to our mother earth.   

It would be nice to have a selection of
didges and with honesty I can say that I could'nt imagine wanting to use
another source.  You're commitment to making me feel honored and valued as
more than just a potential custamer but as a fellow traveler and spiritual
friend has been deeply heart-felt.  I can't express enough the appreciation
I have for the time, energy and patience you've had in working with me thus
far.  I only hope that we can continue our connection well after this

I am very grateful of your willingness to work
within my financial comfort zone and want to extend a courtesy to you:  If
there is anything I can ever assist you in, whether it be a place to stay
if you're ever in town, referals or anything I feel I can give please just
ask and I will do my best to serve with equal enthusiasm.


28/6/99 Joe Kirchner- Texas

The E has been blastin' daily since it arrived!  It is such a wonderful
vocalizer.  And the power it pushes out sounds can be almost
overwhelming at times.  It loves to blast with confidence, then pull
back to a whispering mini-drone like that of a huge waterfall in the
You have added stability, relaxation, and creativity to my life- much
thanks     Joe Kirchner

7/799 Brian Kerns -Texas

Our discussion instilled confidence in me in that I'm not just purchasing so
much merchandise, but gaining part of an evolving spiritual tradition as well as
some instruments that were hand-crafted with much individual care and imbued
with spirit.  I really look forward to receiving my "characters."  I'm glad that
I was led to your website - I had been looking at quite a few and had almost
placed an order at another site when I discovered yours.  Also, as we discussed,
I had be contemplating buying another didg - probably from someone else, just
for the sake of diversity - but our conversation led me to stay with Heartland.

I'll look forward to hearing from you as you work through this next batch of
didgs.  I'm really quite eager to see what will appear at my doorstep.  You had
offered me the choice of waiting until you post the new pictures on the web or
just allowing you to make the selection.  I'm glad that I chose not to wait as
it will add to my excitement not knowing what to expect.  I have complete
confidence in your ability to create and select three outstanding didges.


8/7/99 David Bagnard & Lois Hefferman  -Idaho USA

Back home in one piece and unpacked the shipment a few minutes
ago. Truly overwhelmed with the quality of your art.  Heart stopping
beauty and wonderful sounds.  Lois is gone climbing mountains today.  She
will faint dead away when she gets back and sees this lot.  You and Team
Heartland have really gone the extra mile on our maiden project.  The
Bagnard/Heffernan subjective scale of 1-10 gives Heartland a 14++ across

Your pal in the Wild West,
David Bagnard

17/8/99 Daniel Prendergast-New York

What-ho, Tynon,
Didge rocked up on friday avo. Nice one! The best!
My lips are ragged after the weekends didge excess.
Cheers, Dan

20-10-99 Mark Reinheimer -California -USA

I received the didg's a little over two weeks ago...they are both extraordinary pieces of wood. both beautiful to look at, listen to and play...

they are great didg's...the photo for "Didgin in Eb" does not do it justice...what an absolutely great pipe, beautiful wood, the polished inside of the bell is spectacular...and "Big Country" is a very powerful piece of wood in and of itself....it contains a powerful spirit of some sort...one night last week I was playing it literally for hours and could not put it down....and...for a few brief moments, I felt that it was playing me...I was no longer playing it!

Matt Johnston -New York  15th Dec 99
I just wanted to tell you that Iron Strong is the most beautiful didg to ever
have life breathed into it, and that it has an unbeatable sound.  *You
weren't kidding about its sensitivity and power*  This didgeridoo, along
with the many others on your site, is irrefutable evidence that- with
auspicious aid rather than harmful- man and nature, together, can produce
the most aesthetic and sacred objects.  You are definitely a master
craftsman in that you take what nature has produced, and make it even more
beautiful, which is a difficult task.  And, from seeing everything on your
site along with Iron Strong (which was breathtaking on your site, but
indescribable in person), it is obvious that you love what you do.

Kris Herzog-  Detroit USA  21-12-99

Dear Tynon--

The dij is beautiful! My husband absolutely loves it! And he
interpreted the lines and circles as the dreamtime sacred places and
the paths to them. He's been practicing trying to make sounds. Since
he's been a trumpet player, he has some blowing power, luckily. As
soon as I can get my hand on a camera, I'll send you a photo. And
I'll keep you posted on his progress. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!

Kris Herzog


22/12/99 -James Calloway - North Carolina USA

Thanks for asking. The didg arrived surpisingly quickly. It looks beautiful. It is hidden now. It will be a surprise for Christmas. I hope you have a good holiday season. It is a pleasure doing business with you., James

24/1/2000 Sam Anderson - England

Tynon , The didge is fantastic - love the art work - best complments to munga !

It would be excellent to hook up if/when you visit the uk in Aug.

take care for now bro,
top regards to your, your family and not forgetting munga,

peace and happiness
happy digin'

28/1/2000  Gianluca Valentina - Italy

Hello Tynon,
Hope everything was nice in the bush and that everything is fine with you
and Anthiam.
We've received the shipment and everyhting went fine. The didges are
beatiful! And Enrico's is a bomb to look at and to play!
The Golden Hollow is fantastic! And it is a great player. It takes a while
to warm up the massive thing, but when you do it has a crispness that would
not usually be associated with a C and it really gives it a unique
characteristic. A top didge, no question about it.

Ciao Tynon., Luca

28/1/2000 Andrew Pont - Cairo, Egypt 

Dear Tynon

Thanks for the great Didg it was perfect and was of great interest to the Egyptian Customs officials on my return to Cairo.I hope you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and I wish you all the happiness for the new Millenium.
Best RegardsAndrew Pont
Cairo, Egypt

30/1/2000 Toshiki Kawakita - Japan

Dear Tynon,

I got them. They are just awesome. Thanks again. Best wishes,Toshiki

1-2-2000  Hiroaki Kataoka  Japan

Dear Tynon
I thank you for sending the Mountain & Valleys.
That's so nice digeridoo,and very playable, good looking.
Best Regards

Hiroaki Kataoka

4-2-2000 Enrico - Italy

Dear Tynon,
I've received Fire and Fight only two days ago and I can tell you that I
did not write you because I was too busy on playing it to be able to
concentrate  to write this e-mail.
It's simply a wonderful piece it was exactly the instrument I was looking for.
Thanks to you John and everyone there in Heartland didgs to be such clever;
I can feel the print of your energy in this prodigious player, very
rythmic, percussive, punchy and round, simply the best high pitched didg
I've ever heard.

You'll be always a part of my musical experience, and for this reason  my
Thanks again



9-3-2000  Irene  - Holland

Hi Tynon,

How are you? I hope that everything's ok.
You were right about the date; you told me that I'd probably receive my
didg at wednesday 8th march and you were right, I received my didg today!
Yesterday we got a phonecall from the courier-service; they said that there
was a package from Australia for me and that they'd deliver it the next
day, wednesday. I was very happy and a bit nervous too. I thought about my
didg the whole day and even dreamt about it. When I came home after school
today, my mom said to me: "close your eyes" and when I opened them in the
livingroom I saw the package, my didg had been delivered!
I immediately started opening the package and then there was my didg!!!!!
We all found it even more beautiful than it was on the photos, the colours
are so beautiful in real and the painting of the Goanna is really
wonderful! My mom's made some photos while I was unpacking my didg, I'll
send them by e-mail as soon as they'll be developped.

Thank you very very much for bringing a didg into my life. It really feels
good and I'm sure that playing on my didg will be relaxing to me. Also
thanks for the little message and the letter included with my didg, I
enjoyed reading them. Also thanks to Anthiam again for the cover which
she's made for me, it's really handy and it protects my didg when I'll take
it with me.
I'll send the photos as soon as possible!
Lots of thanks, keepwell,

Lots of greetings and best wishes from Irene!

PS Also thanks for sending my didg so soon; now I can show my didg to all
my friends on my birthday!  

10-3-2000 Charles  Fendrtock USA
Tynon, Turtle Dreaming arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. Duty in
Los Angeles was a very modest $12.84.

Tynon, it's a beauty! I gave everyone here at work a very short demo. Er, ah,
well I do have some practicing to do...

Thanks for the excellent service. Regards. -Charles Fendrock

15/3/2000 Irwin Rosenbaum - New York, USA

I received all the goodies today.  The ancient cave is truly spectacular
with a booming drone and great toot.  The clap sticks are really fine as is the wonderful case you made.
     Thanks again,

10-3-2000 Charles   USA

1-6-2000 Michael Okimoto USA

I just received the Deep Water Dreaming didg. I love it. It's beautiful. Michael

22-6-2000 Martin Tighe       Iceland

Gday  Tynon,
The didj has landed!  Im delighted with it, havent had the chance yet to
really get to know it, but on first blows it seems great.   Ill let you
know how I get on with it, after Ive taken it home and really tried it out.
Thanks for everything     Martin.
Hi Tynon,
Ive hardly taken my lips from the mouthpiece.  Im really impressed,  this
didj has the potential to make even me sound good!  As you said Overtones
and vocals are effortless.  My main worry was the back pressure,  but I
need not have worried.  No problem at all in maintaining a full sounding
drone.  My main "problem" is just getting used to how responsive it is.  No
doubt about it Tynon, this is a quality instrument - more power to your elbow.

Thanks once more for your craftsmanship and service,
Ill be in touch,

25-7-2000 Nicholas Woodhouse, Virginia , USA

I received the didgeridoo today. It looks and sounds great. I've had a
blast playing it, and all the time and effort you all have put into it
really shows. I am glad I ordered from Heartland. I love the smoothness
of the wood and its light golden color. The shipping container protected
it well, and it was not damaged at all. I cannot wait to play it tomorrow. Thanks
so much for all your cooperation. I will keep you updated with my didg
journey, and I hope everything is well with you and the Heartland family.


25-7-2000 Mike Mc Dougall  Ontario Canada 

Tynon.  It has arrived.  Wow.  This was worth the wait!!!  Where should I
start.  I guess I should thank you profusely.  I appreciate your efforts. 
It took me a minute to find the best buzz out of it, but when I did, wow!!! 
It's incredibly responsive and boomy.  The pitch is right on the money.  I'm
extremely pleased all around.  The elligance of the natural wood is
beautiful.  I'm itching to play now.  I'll write back when we're better
aquainted.  Thanks a mint, Mike

25- 7 -2000 Dale Heath  California , USA

Hi Tynon - didg arrived Fri. 7/21 and was able to pick it up Saturday all
very smooth, safe and sound.  I shared the ceremony of opening with my wife
and son everyone being very excited and all were 'rapt' when it was finally
revealed, wow.  Pictures only hinted, in person absolutely beautiful so
detailed and so powerful...a strong didg.  All in all it exceeded my
expectations.  The other aspect that really concerned me was playability and
I think is oddly just right, not too easy not too difficult with room to
grow.  Thanks so much I couldn't be more pleased.  Compliments too on the
didg cover.  Keep in touch.
Many blessings

9-8-2000 Gregory Horn - United Kingdom

Hullo Tynon,
Hope you enjoyed your time in the bush.
I received my didge yesterday, and WOW, WOW, WOW. It is absolutely fantastic, my dream didge come true. I love the combination of natural finish at the bottom complimented by the bare wood at the top, and the art work is just great. Thanks a lot mate, it certainly was worth the wait and the many emails to get it exactly as I wanted. The sound is also excellent although I now need to spend many an hour to get to grips with its true abitity and potential which I am sure is just waiting to be uncovered.
Please also thank all others involved and of course to Anthiam for the superb cover.

Outstanding work,

7-10-2000 Highland Onoue - Japan

Hello Tynon,
I received the didgeridoo today. She is a BEAUTY! Plays excellent, I love
it. No problems with the shipping. Thanks again and I hope that we can keep
in touch.


31-10-2000 -Sergio Pedrini  - Vermont USA

Hi Tynon, the didge,CD and the very nice cover came yesterday morning(monday)
So very fast delivery, everything is fine and this didge is just
wonderful, an awesome work of nature(and man).
It plays much easier than the bamboo one I have.
Thanx for everything,be well and I can't wait to extract some nice sound out
of it(just like the ones I heard on the CD).
Take good care.................Sergio

4-11-2000 - Richard Westgaard- California USA


Got the didj's today - I'm in didj heaven right now - nice workmanship - and each has its own personality.  Got your written note as well and if you are ever in the SF area drop by


8-11-2000 - Kim Covington -California USA


    I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me in picking out my didge. I have checked out tens of web sites and hundreds of didges but when ordering on-line it all comes to who gives you the most information and who you can trust. You and Heartland have gone to great lengths to give me all the information that I’ve requested and gone above and beyond the call of duty to supply me with just what I was looking for. Can’t thank you enough.




 10--11-2000 Greg Weil - United Kingdom

Tynon, got the padded didg bag and its wonderful...fits my didge perfectly and seems to be the most solid material i've seen in my life. thanks again,
take care,  Greg

20-11-2000 Mark Barber, England

A thousand thanks to you Tynon and your crew.You've made me one ultra happy dude.I can really relax now.
Its the first time I have purchased over the net so I hope you understand my sweat.
I think my didg has travelled about 12000 miles to get to me.I give you and your mob,Tynon,12000 thanks.It is not only just what I wanted but more.Special thanks to Anthiam for the wicked bag,that took some making,but mega thanks to you Tynon for your skill and experience in choosing and making,in my opinion,one of the "mothers of all didges".                                                                                            Now I start the journey of loving and playing Big un E,but I assure you that our journey is far from over.                                                                                                               
    Speak to you soon bro, Yours humbly    ,                  Mark

26-11-2000- Daniel Johnsen, USA

I received it almost the same day you sent your mail.  It is going to be one of
my most treasured possessions and will keep it and pass it down in my family.
Its so much more beautiful then any picture can show.
I  cant wait to  learn circular breathing and the clap sticks are great.
I hope to learn to play from the heart .

Will keep in touch with you mate, later for now.
             Now a brother of the didg Daniel X Johnsen


Jim  Dees - a present for Tim Morris - USA 10 Dec 2000

From Jim

It's beautiful!
Even more so than I'd expected!
And yes, I am very happy with the case.
The texture, feel, and color all seem very appropriate to what's inside.
The quality of the paints, the details...very nice

From Tim

I just received one of Munga's didg's as a gift and I love it.  My good
friend Jim Dees gave it to me as a token for introducing him to the
wonderful world of music making. I havn't had it for 24 hours yet, but I
think I've played it more than my pvc didg's I've had for years.

The craftsmanship is impeccable and the artistry, beautiful.  The tones I
am getting are incredible.  Please pass on my compliments to Munga and his
wonderful lady, Wendy, for making my carrying bag.  This is a gift that I
will treasre all my life...the gift of music.

Thanks again,

Tim Morris


16/12/2000 Tammy Mabra Texas, USA

Hi Tynon,o:p>

The didgs have arrived & they’re beautiful! I really love the artwork you did, very inspiring. I also enjoyed the process of the creation… it makes my connection with it that much stronger and more special. I’ve had it about an hour now and am making some sounds that seem didg-like, so I think things are looking up. Brad and I are planning to get together next week and go over the basics.

Thank you for all of your time and hard work, especially in this busy time of year. I hope the holiday season isn’t taking a huge toll on you...it’s been pretty overwhelming for me, but I’m hanging in there.

May you have a lovely Solstice/Christmas/Hanuakkah and a happy new year!

Many Blessings,


20/12/2000 Brad Warren Texas USA.

Hey Tynon,
Well, the didgs arrived here in Austin on Friday. I would have written sooner but I ended up having to go out of town for the weekend and didn't get to spend much time with them until

First off, let me just say THANK YOU!!  These instruments are absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't be more happy.  Before I even played them, I knew I had made a good decision  :)   The quality of the wood and the time and love that went into making them is very evident.  They stand out as magnitudes better than the  didg I've been playing.   And they both sound wonderful. 

They are exactly what I was hoping for. The Earth Rhythms didg is great for playing fast rhythms.  It is amazingly easy to play and I love how even the most subtle vocals and tongue movements come through so clear!  Its no wonder I couldn't do fast rhythms on my other didg.. it just  couldn't transmit the subtleties easy enough. And Eagles Flight is a monster!  I expected it to be big, but wow is it heavy.  That is one serious log.  I love that deep sound. It has wonderful character.  I played it for a few friends and their jaws dropped at the huge sound that came out!  It took me a while  to get used to playing it, but I realized that it just takes a little longer to get it warmed up than this small didg I've been playing.

Once I really got into a groove with it, I knew it was exactly what I had been wanting. You were right when you told me these 2 didge would get me the sound I had originally described for you.  Earth Rhythms is a joy to practice my rhythmic playing.  I can't wait to play it with my friends that are into drumming.  That should be fun.  And Eagles Flight is perfect for deep relaxing trance.

You'll definitely be hearing from me again when I'm ready to expand my collection some more.  Its been a pleasure dealing with you and I'm totally satisfied with the quality of instruments you are selling.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the didg you made for Tammy is amazing.

I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she first pulled it out of the bag.  We were both stunned.  You did a wonderful job on it.  I know she is very pleased with it.  I'm going to be spending a lot of time with her in the near future trying to help her learn how to play.  I know she has the desire, so it shouldn't take her long.

I don't know if I told you this before, but I actually try to make music in my spare time, and am planning on making some recordings using  these didgs in combination with drumming and ambient synthesizer sounds.  I'd love to send you a copy of any music I make using your didgs.  It may be a few months down the road, but I'll stay in touch and let you know when I've got some stuff recorded.

Well, I guess thats it for now.  Thanks again Tynon and I'm sure I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care,


24/12/2000 Danis Sanchez USA

Hi Tyron,

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service.  It was nice to receive your emails informing the status on the didg.  I received it last Monday.  It is beeeeeeaaaaaaaauuuuutiful!!!!

Thank you so much for everything.  You are the best!!!!  This didg is  a Chrissy present.  It is a Christmas that will never be forgotten!!!!  Thanks for making it possible! A million thanks!!!!! 

Best wishes and lots and lots of success to you for the coming year!!!



26/12/2000 Frank Rodriguez Miami USA

Dearest Brother Tynon,
Thank you so much for putting Heartland together.  I've been playing didge
for about 3 or 4 years and had been looking for an authentic Mallee or Box
Gum didge just as long.  I've been playing on Bamboo which was great to
start with but the time to move on has come.

Today I received "Salt Water Tidings" as a Christmas present from my
girlfriend Dania and I almost burst into tears.  I feel blessed to have come
across your site.  Indirectly, I feel like I've touched the hands of
yourself and all of the Heartland family.  The didge was definitely calling
to me and I can't seem to put it down.  Thanks for everything and most of
all thanks for treating my lady with care and respect through the buying

I love you all.  I plan on keeping in touch...and I will probably buy all my
didges from you.  I hope that someday we can meet in person.

With much love and respect,
Frank Rodriguez
Miami, FL

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