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 Since getting into didgeridoo playing I've been inspired by  its healing power and potential. Its an amazing musical instrument but it seems to instill and inspire much much more.

Every person who teaches, performs, makes, or plays has a different slant on this instrument. This is its beauty. Its like everyone of us, individual and perfect.

If there's  one slant on didg that I feel  has been  not given much attention is, why  is it so haunting and powerful, what is its  symbolic and physical role as such as  popular instrument in our times, how do we open to it as a healing instrument, how can we journey with it as a sacred instrument.

Many  are passionate about this, but  few are sharing this from a western persons perspective. Hearing from Traditional indigenous folk gives us a glimpse in how didg  is a sacred instrument  in a tribal context, but  does it help us open to how we can integrate the sacred and spiritual into  our own didgeridoo journey.

Didgeridoo takes  us there  on some level anyway. What worries me is the nature of western approach to any instrument, is to dissect it understand  it and master it. Technical mastery in playing is fast becoming  or already has become the focus. Whether conscious to it or not, very little attention is given to the spirituality side other than the  western or tourists way of buying spirituality by listening to talks, watching aboriginal dancers, going to a didg workshop, etc. Spirituality becomes a commodity something that is consumed like our music or entertainment these days.

 Didgeridoo   was not the focus  traditionally it was one of many instruments and voices weaving a story a ritual, celebrating life.

In coming month's I look forward to uploading onto the site blogs and vids that explore these subjects.

Thanks for taking the time to  read about  my passion for  didgeridoo and where I desire to take it. If you've read this far , I bet your passionate about didg too. Its a great journey , hey.

All power to where it leads  us .

didg on an on an on, Tynon

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