Its a precious journey didging.
 Much fun, Happy didgin from the mob at Heartland
Didgeridu 's 
The rhythm of life is a powerful beat.

Didgeridus are  so many things, but firstly a  precious reminder of our connection with the natural world.  They exude  simplicity  and yet the wondrous sounds, rhythms  and musical complexity that they can harness, remind us  of  the magic  and mystery of life.
Didjeridu goes beyond  &  includes the beat. Circling around  entrancing and rhythmic. The heart beat and the ommmmmmmm.

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Perfect tapered didgeridus

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There is no other instrument known that nature has created, that is so musically expressive. It  inspires  wonder , and is both calming and enlivening. 

Didgeridus have been played for perhaps thousands of years. It was found  by  the  aboriginal peoples of the north of Australia. In using  it in rituals, for enjoyment,  and for healing purposes, they developed highly  evolved and intricate styles of playing . 

In our modern world today, didgeridu playing has birthed another journey with endless variations and  musical  possibilities. Whether they're made from hardwood, agave, bamboo, gourds, or plastic,  or played, traditional, techno, jazz  or blues, whether along with a guitar, a drum, bagpipes or flute; this amazing instrument is still  being discovered and reinvented.  You and I are part of that unfolding and each of us will give something special, just as we do by being ourself. Didgeridus are  a special instrument for supporting our personal expression. All power to your journey didg friend !!!!!!!!

Rare and individual Collectors

Unbelievable Carved Didgeridus

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Massive belled ended didgeridus


Imitating the Kangaroo
As your droning along, make a tight lipped spitting action and do so in a repeating sequence to imitate the kangaroo hopping.


Our didgeridus  are all naturally white ant hollowed. 

We select didgeridus with wood that is of the highest integrity and do so  with sensitivity to the natural environment.

We select didgeridus with a natural taper and a good clean hole.

Wherever we can we select seasoned dead wood.

They are then worked on and  finetuned with crafting skill before being  sealed inside &  outside for longevity and playability.

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This hand of didgeridus stands proud


Artwork  on our didgeridus  is  individual to each didgeridu like the didgeridus themselves. 

 It reflects stories and dreamings or  highlights and compliments  the didgeridu 's  natural features.

Our business  operates from a passionate players perspective.  Heartland Didgeridus is connected to didgeridu 's roots, we're committed to caring for the land  and the people who make and play them and inspired to keep stretching the possibilities. 


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