Heartland Didjeridoo 's has an extensive range of high quality playing collectable didjeridoo 's. 

For the collector, the player, the traveller, the art dealer, the wholesaler of didjeridoo 's, for the aussie, the yank, the irish or the german, for the hippie, the professional, the muso or the farmer.

No matter who you are or where your from, we specialise in the range of didjeridoo 's and provide the service  that can help you find  the one  that speaks to you and sais  
I'm your  Didjeridoo


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We only offer the  highest quality hardwood didjeridoos .

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 Didgeridoo 's are a  precious reminder of our connection with the natural world.  They exude  simplicity  and yet the wondrous sounds, rhythms  and musical complexity that they can harness, remind us  of  the magic  and mystery of life.


Yidaki, Yigi Yigi, Didjeridoo, ,Didjeridu ........ 

This is only a small  sample of its many names. Didjeridoo 's are many things to many people. One can wonder of the fun and awe that the first aboriginals had as they discovered this instrument. You can easily picture it .A hollow log- Picking it up to make a sound down, only to blurt with the lips and out comes the first drone.

What a wondrous journey begun that day. Didjeridoo 's have since provided immense fun and enjoyment for countless people over hundreds if not thousands of years.

Each year   didjeridoo playing is stretched further  and the sheer range of musical possibilities seems endless.


On the search through a  bit of didjeridoo heaven.

On the search for didjeridoos.......

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Heartland Didjeridus - Playing Tips

Imitating the Kangaroo
As your droning along, make a tight lipped spitting action and do so in a repeating sequence to imitate the kangaroo hopping.




Heartland   Didjeridoo 's  

 Is committed to bringing together  players and makers   who are passionate about didjeridoo 's. 

Our didjeridoo 's  are all naturally white ant hollowed. We select didjeridoo wood that is of the highest integrity and do so  with sensitivity to the natural environment.

 They are then worked on and  finetuned with crafting skill before being  sealed inside &  outside for longevity and playability. 

Artwork  on our didjeridoo 's is  individual to each didjeridoo like the didjeridoo 's themselves.  It reflects stories and dreamings or  highlights and compliments  the didjeridoo 's natural features.



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Heartland Didjeridoo 's make 
highest quality playing collectable didjeridoo 's.

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