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Bare Painteds & Natural Painteds Didgs Page 2

m523a.JPG (14507 bytes) M523                  "Spotted Python"
Wood: Yellow Bloodwood
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 1
Key:  A# Overtone: F & D
Length: 1500mm....Diameter: Top60mm / Bottom110mm
Weight: 4.5Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$750 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: "Absolutely  beautiful woodgrain, so a simple but detailed painting of a Spotted Python is all that is needed to complete this didj. It was inspired by a Spotted Python, which is native to eastern Australia, seen under a bush out the back of the house, with a full belly, lying dormant while its meals digests. A beautiful snake!"-Munga
A big hole gives it the sound to compliment its looks.  Great for vocalising, warm and responsive.
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M526 "Wedgetailed Eagle"
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Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 1
Key:  E 
Overtone: F
Length: 1510mm
Diameter: Top55mm Bottom300mm
Weight: 5Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$950 Includes Didg Cover .

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Comments: "The eagles are represented throughout this painting by the wedge tail shapes, as they fly high, searching for tucker. The various designs represent their environment the mountains, rivers, bushlands and food."-Munga

A self standing didg that leans as if its ready for takeoff, it is beautifully red brown coloured in the lower half and has  intricate dot work from middle upwards. It is incredibly responsive to diaphragm and mouth messages and likes to be played strongly.The hole is yet wide enough  that the taperedness that gives its power, also  lends itself to  vocal warmth.

Munga and I were travelling together when he found this one . It literally fell over with a push asking to be taken home.

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M527 "Echidna"

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This didg is  a sight in real life (the photos go some way but not very far)

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Comments: "This is a classic self standing didj. Its spiky bell bottom inspired the painting of the echidna. It is a shy lovely little animal which should be protected. Its footprints are represented as it shuffles its way through its environment. The triangular designs represent their protective spikes and the whole echidna population in Australia."-Munga

This  didg is such a powerfull player. Totally out front like the echidnas spikes.  Warm like the heart note, it loves and asks to be played strong and pumping . It  repsonds to ones diaphragms and or cheek tongue   messages  with immediate punctuations. One of the best looking and playing didgs I've come across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 1
Key:  F  
Overtone: F#
Length: 1500mm
Diameter: Top50mm Bottom290mm
Weight: 6Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$1150 Includes Didg Cover .
Perfect Natural      Mouthpiece
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Beautifull Strong Grained Wood
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T561                "Connectedness"
Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: B
Length: 1580mm..... Diameter: Top50mm / Bottom115mm
Weight: 3Kg
Maker: Tynon
Price: A$470 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: Lovely tapered, belled end didg with gentle bulging areas featuring paintwork symbolising power points, or communities with the interconnected lines linking all together. An easy player for a deep didg. Good volume. A classic didg.

T656              "Connected again"
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M536 Title ~ "Spider Web dreaming"
Wood: Bloodwood..... Didg Type: "Bare/Painted"
Grading: 1..... Key: B
Length: 1530mm..... Diameter: Top55/Bottom110mm
Price:  $800 Includes Dry-Z-Bone Didg Cover
Comments: "The Carved lines and dots represent the webs. The larger circular designs are various spiders and the smaller circles,their eggs and food caught in the web."Munga

"Rich tones artwork and sound- one lovely collectors didg" Tynon

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