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Bare Painteds & Natural Painteds Didgs Page 4


Wood: Yellow bloodwood
Grading: 2

Maker: Munga
Price: A$540 Includes Didg Cover .
Dreamings & Comments:    "As the name suggests this ones got the power of an intense lightening storm ,which is depicted all across the didg in the artwork" Tynon

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Wood: Yellow Bloodwood
Grading: 2
Key: C#

Maker: Munga
Price: A$580 Includes Didg Cover .

Comments:        "This hungry ."-Munga

This didg has a list of creds. Its self standing , has a big hole tapering  from small to big, the key and overtone match-perfect for performing in the key of F, its loud and has the looks to match the above.

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T647    "Shields"

Wood: Mallee Gum
Type:"Natural Bare/Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: C 

Maker: Tynon
Price: A$480 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments:       "The Shields  detailed on this didg can be likened to feelings, concepts, pictures of reality building,as they flow throught the didg from player into being. The gold brown colouring is the natural colour . This is a special natural brought to life. A warm open sound." Tynon

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M544         "Universal Lights"
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: D
Overtone: G
Length: 1360mm..... Diameter: Top55mm Bottom120mm
Weight: 3Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$500 Includes Didg Cover .
Dreamings & Comments: I was inspired to carve these lines  by mysterious lights i saw zig zagging across the sky in Western Australia several years ago . The rest of the designs represent solar systems, galaxies,planets and black holes- the universal lights." Munga

"Exquisite wood grain, -many people on seeing this didg have commented as to the richnesss of the grain on the inside and outside. A  clear taper from top to bottom gives this a rich  sound with excellent sound transference. In other words, loud if you like, soft if you desire- a top didg. The wood is sun seasoned in the bush,the grain is tight and  of excellent integrity. It  will last for centuries,if looked after- An heirloom. (I'm not kidding   a good didg will stand the test of time- a friend had his didg, carbon dated to discover his didg wood was over 200 years old. I reworked the didg and resealed it - It should if  periodically maintained, now last another 200 ) " Tynon


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P60                  "Ironbark Shields"

Wood: Ironbark
y: F  Overtone: E
Top- 50 mm Bottom-105mm
3.5Kg  Packaged:
Dreamings & Comments: "This didgeridoo was crafted from the wood of an Ironbark tree. As its name suggests the bark of the tree is very strong, like iron. The bark is the tree’s first defence against foreign elements that seek to do it harm. We all need shields, just like the tree. Sometimes we might find the world too hostile and we need to strengthen our shields. This was the dreaming of the didge. At the top of the didge, the shield is small and weak.As sound is born through the didge, the power of the shield is strengthened. The shield grows in size with its new-found strength.

"Gorgeous wood colourings. Classic sun seasoned ironbark, known to be one of the hardest woods in Australia. Great taper great sound, and   great F 'ing playing - I mean F as in note- that is -F key and F overtone makes  for a very F experience. Jokes aside- Its rare and  perfect if your after a  F didg  for performing or jamming with other instruments." Tynon


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