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Bare Painteds & Natural Painteds Didgs Page 5

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 M522  "Low Tide Dreaming"

Wood: Yellow Bloodwood
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 1
Key: B  Overtone: C & E
Length: 1620mm..... Diameter: Top50mm / Bottom105mm
Weight: 4Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$800 Includes Didg Cover .

Comments: "This is life on the beach at low tide and all the amazing creatures and tracks that you can see if you look. The circles are the crab holes with the white dots being the thousands of balls of sand they leave in wonderful patterns on the beach. The large spiky designs are the shellfish, the black lines showing their movement under and over the sand. Amongst all this activity you can see pippy shells under the sand and bird tracks."-Munga

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P54 "Rainbow Mystic"
Wood: Mallee Gum
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: C      Overtone : G
Length: 1390mm..... Diameter: Top50mm / Bottom270mm
Weight: 3Kg
Maker: Paul
Price: A$530 Includes Didg Cover .
"My first experience playing this didg was perhaps the most powerfull didg experience I've had. My one year old son and I were sitting on the floor with candles burning in front of us. I felt his excitement while he watched the candles burn. He knew about the sting of fire and so he would stretch out and feel  its boundaries. Together with my playing we  danced. Then the experience deepened, becoming more magical and I watched my son place his finger into the flame of the candle. Heleft it there  for a few seconds,whilst the didg sung and  my heart smiled. The didg had somehow protected him and from this experience I realised the  connection that this didg had to fire and water.   So it was here that the Rainbow Mystic was born,bringing together the spirits of fire and water,to create the  beautifull rainbows which touch all of our hearts."                               Paul


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J59 "Turtle dreaming"
Wood: Brown Bloodwood
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Key:D  Overtone : F
Length: 1620mm..... Diameter: Top55mm Bottom115mm
Weight: 5.5Kg
Maker: John
Price: A$430 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: "This is a
big D giving  a strong sound from a lovely tapered log.The turtle reminds that strenght comes also in patience , knowing and flowing - all qualities that dance in the playing of this Bloodwood didg ." Tynon



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M511 "Fruit Bat Dreaming"
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Length: 1400mm..... Diameter: Top60mm Bottom105mm
Weight: 5Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$385 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: Great wood integrity, sun seasoned. Healthy colonies of Fruit bats inhabit certain areas in the North East of Aus., where this was found and painted. A sharp and direct player with great volume.


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T664  "Spiraling Lifeforce"
y: E  Overtone: G
Top 65mm / Bottom 75mm
2 Kg  Packaged :
Dreamings & Comments: "The spiralling artwork is  a natural scar spiral that I have just accentuated. A rare didg with a special power in the way the grain and whole force of the didg spirals. This didg feels to be an ideal healing didg and its key works strongly with the nervous system. Soothing and healing and enlightening   backed up by spiralling lifeforce. The  hole is clear and open and suits perfectly what I've said above. Its lightness  also makes it easy to play and move about. Also just the right length." Tynon


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