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Bare Painteds & Natural Painteds Didgs Page 6

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I always have  fun photographing  naturals ,their darker tones come out dark in comparison to surrounds and somehow dont look right. I've played around with the light with these photos  to try to balance but only top left photo is close to correct colour.

T691   "Rainbow Serpent"

y: E  Overtone: G#
Top-55mm / Bottom-115mm
: 2Kg    Packaged:
: Tynon
Dreamings & Comments: "Snakes come out in the summer when the heat warms their cold blood. The warm  colours  depict those hot summer days that the reptiles love. A  top natural, that deserved the artwork to further bring it alive. A great tapering hole and flaring end  with excellent sound transference. Lightweight and strong,  its the perfect travelling companion. It will warm all those who hear it", Tynon.
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Wood: Yellow Bloodwood
Didg Type:"Bare Painted"
Grading: 3
Key: C
Overtone: F
Length: 1510mm
Diameter: Top-50mm / Bottom-85mm
Weight: 3Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$430 Includes Didg Cover .
Dreamings & Comments:  "I made this when spring was in the air. The light tones of the wood grain on this didg and the vibe of spring asked for honouring the wildflowers. They come to life  as spring brings warmth to the land and the growth cycle that keeps building through the wet season to come.." Munga

"When we only sell  great playing didgs its a challenge to individually describe their  qualities without sounding like a record or salesman,so I'm stumped. But ...........then again ............... I will say  - Its like it looks  -    a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!   Cant help myself !-,  but I can handle being addicted to celebrating beauty and didgs for they certainly celebrate life- springs joy "Tynon


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M512                                    "Fertility"
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Natural/Bare/Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: G#
Length: 1040mm..... Diameter: Top50mm Bottom90mm
Weight:1. 5Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$420 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: A classic balance of natural, sanded and detailed paint work. Dreaming the process of fertility, the meeting of man and women, of sperm and egg. Life forces,harmony, creation. This didg plays fast , light and loud as desired.

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M535 "Reconciliation - Coming Together"
Wood: Box
Didg Type:"Bare/Painted"
Grading: 3
Key: E
Length: 1580mm..... Diameter: Top50mm Bottom115mm
Weight: 3Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$385 Includes Didg Cover.
Comments: A balance of natural, sanded wood
grain, and paintwork. The paintwork speaks of the links or pathways connecting us all and the process of bringing the different forces and people together.
This nicely tapered didg plays strongly and easily.


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P95 "Sprit Wind"

Wood: Box  Gum
y: D  Overtone: G, E
Top50mm / Bottom165mm
2.6Kg   Packaged:
Dreamings & Comments: "Spirit Wind has a perfect taper with a self standing belled end;   & tastefull artwork that seems to  transcend  many cultures. A couple of  folk have said , it looks  indigenous yet , theres  a hint of eastern, maybe a touch of  celtic. Anyway that aside,  it just plays itself, even the first two overtones are easy and perfectly in key. A class player. '" Tynon


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