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M525       " Diamond Pythons "
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Barie"
Grading: 1
Key: D#  Overtone A#
Length: 1350mm....Diameter:Top-50 mm/Bottom-240mm
Weight: 5. 5Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$1550 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: "Three carved Diamond Pythons. The natural burls are their eggs and the carved lines surrounding them is the life energy emanating from the eggs. The painting at the top represents the forest and their life and spirit. You can see in there the gullys, creeks and trees of their homeland."-Munga

Munga  has excelled with this one, its one of the best didgs I've ever seen. In the top two or three. Natural features,  intricate painting and carving make this ONE  very special Collectors didg. The photos go some of the way but its much better in real life. & Great Player!!

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M517"Jesus was an Alien-(an out there man-& down to earth)"..SOLD..
Wood: Yellow Bloodwood Didg Type:"Carved"
Grading: 1.... Key: C/C#
Length: 1500mm..... Diameter: Top65Bottom140mm
Weight: 6Kg ......Maker ..Munga
Price: A$550 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: Beautifull wood ,Classic Belled carved end, with sound to match. Strong spirited didg, dreaming JC's strong presence and asking us to bring it down to earth and live the dream.
M518"Flight of the bird spirit, Home of the serpent ".............SOLD........
Wood: Desert Box Didg Type:"Carved/Painted"
Grading: 1.... Key: B
Length: 1560mm..... Diameter: Top55Bottom80mm
Weight: 3Kg ......Maker ..Munga
Price:A$500 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: Such a tastefully carved and painted didg, featuring bird carved out from a branch and a snake at home on the earth. Perfect hole. Light for its size. A great player to match.


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T697   " Black and White" 

Wood: Box Gum
Key: D  Overtones: G
Length: 1320mm
Diameter: Top-60 mm /Bottom-100mm
Weight: 3.5 Kg  Packaged :
Dreamings & Comments:   "Its hard to see in the photos , but this snake has been highlighted via  a raised surface in relation to the surrounding wood. The black burnt work  is then  beautifully set of  by the  clear white wood. Black history and black guardianship is still the pulse of Australia, and it still flows over  and through what is now a white settled land. Time to take in their spirit and   dream together anew.", Tynon

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"Ancient Cave "

Wood:  Box Gum
Didg Type:"Carved"
Grading: 1
Key: D
Overtone: G
Length: 1430mm
Diameter:Top-70 mm /Bottom-150mm
Weight: 11Kg

Maker: Brian
Price: A$750 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: An old big log, a cave of a hole, with an earth man feel to it. With its rough textured gritty ochred top, to the carved body of the didg ,it has a wild feel to it. The cave of a hole and the tapered top give it  a sound thats as good as you get.


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