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P51                 "Dolphin Dreaming"
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Painted"
Grading: 3
Key: C#  Overtone F#
Length: 1340mm..... Diameter: Top55 mm Bottom75mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Maker: Paul & Jacqui
Price: A$370 Includes Didg Cover .
Dreamimgs & Comments: " Dolphin Didg.... Swimming with sound...... birth of dolphins.....dolphinity........Paul made the didg and I painted it from Pauls inspirations during a Sweat Lodge at the Thora Valley Mens Gathering. Paul came home and carved the Dolphins and  I completed the  artwork. A didg of new beginnings" Jacqui Forest

"Dolphins are featured in the natural wood grain .A great allround didg, great to learn on , great to  grow with, as to advanced playing styles, as well. Great  on vocals. Strong  wood but not heavy. Straight and not too big. A fun didg." Tynon



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M541                 "Pacifica"
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Painted"
Key: C/B
Length: 1460mm..... Diameter: Top55 mm Bottom100mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$650 Includes Didg Cover .
Comments: "An immacutely painted didg with a soft, and warm feel of  islander life.  An easy player this didg has the same vibe on the inside giving it the lovely sound to match. These photos  barely touch how nicely detailed this didg is. A Collectors didg." Tynon




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These didgs are painted with ground up rock ochre, left in a gritty texture rather than ground to dust ; to give  a tough textured finish.

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"Red & Black, Earth & People,
                                in Harmony"

Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Painted"
Grading: 3
Overtone: F
Length: 1400mm
Diameter: Top55mm / Bottom85mm
Weight: 2. 5Kg
Maker: Tynon
Price:A$280 Includes Didg Cover
Comments: Even  wall thickness, a smooth  hole, this gives of a great sound.

                    "Desert Centre"
Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Painted"
Grading: 3
Overtone: E
Length: 1520mm
Diameter: Top 45mm / Bottom 85 mm
Weight: 3. 5Kg
Maker: TynonJohn
Price:A$330 Includes Didg Cover
Comments:Our land has  a red  arid centre, rich soil around the coastlines where most of the people reside(symbolised by the black for the indigenous people). A lovely tapered ,responsive didg, easy to play, great on the overtones and great for exploring all facets of didg playing.


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M546"Amethystine Python "
Wood: Desert Box
Didg Type:"Painted"
Grading: 2
Key: E   Overtone: C#
Length: 1100mm..... Diameter: Top55mm  Bottom125mm
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Maker: Munga
Price: A$480 Includes Didg Cover .
Dreamings &Comments: "This Python lives in the rainforests of far north Queeensland. They are  Australia's largest python. This one is lsithering through the vines looking for something to eat. They are known to eat animals as large as Bush Turkeys and Pademelons(Wallabies). After a large meal the snake lays dormant for days,whilst its meal digests." Munga

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   "Star Gazer"
Wood: Mallee
Didg Type:"Painted"
Grading: 3
Overtone: G
Length: 1320mm
Diameter: Top60mm / Bottom90mm
Weight: 2.5Kg
Price:A$320 Includes Didg Cover

Dreamings & Comments:" Within us all burns the spirit of the Star Seeker. One   who wishes to unravell the secrets of our night sky. For thousands of years,humans have told the tales of ancient beings that descended grom above. Whilst painting this didg, I journeyed with the possibility that these ancient beings were in fact our great ancestors, for whom we have lost touch with.
Star Seeker is divided into two sections , the red and the black. Binding the didg is a double helix ,the structure of the human DNA. Within one band  of the helix are dotted the stars that make up our universe. Within the other band are painted  the eyes  of human beings that look to the stars. A striking  difference is the   different coloured dots used within the two sections.  Within the red , the blue dots represent earthly beings. Within the black the white dots represent star beings. The tan dots and lines  represent the thread that binds us together. Finally the   white dots that dot the bottom  black helix , represent the  the fact that our star  friends  know about us and watch us. The upper red helix is blank as the majority of humans  have had  no contact with our cousins from the stars. However if  contact with star beings is made in times to come, a powerfull magic   will awaken in the didg, if the seeker completes the blue dots within the upper red   helix. Happy journeys. ", Paul

"A rich deep sounding didg with a powerfull dreaming" Tynon


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