Bellingen Global Carnival

Oct 1998


The promised write up has been slow coming and this years Global is again approaching,so hang in for a full 1999 Global write up .

Well heres a quick rundown on 98's Carnival In-didg-enous wise.The opening ceremony with the local Gumbaynnggirr people,included Elder Neville Buchanan and Gamilleroi fella Roy Newman on didg. It had everyone right across the Global grounds,attuned to the Indigenous vibes and Roys driving rythyms.It was a great start.

Bellingen Global Carnival is my choice of festival, Ausralia wide and its not just my home town bias.Its like Womad but you can camp in the viallge, its alive like Woodford,but not so big that you lose yourself and its set in the Bellinger Valley an amazing bio region. I could rave on and on. Just check it one day if you can.

Got to meet Roy during the fest and appreciated this guys humbleness with didg and hes love of sharing reconciliation vibes .He loves to encourage other didg players to play enjoying taking in eachs gifts,no matter whether learning or anywhere along the spectrum. Hes poetry which is his ultimate passion is his excuse for saying that "I'm not a didg player"-- Oh Yeh!

Waak Waak Jungi an indigenous act , featuring two Arnhem Land songmen were a standout .The band has come from a collaboration of White folk from the Christmas Hills in Victoria with the Black folk from Arnem Land in the top of Aus. I picked up there first tape in 1991- called Djurdjurdjane-Music from ArnemLand & Christmas Hills, produced by David Gulpilil . Serbastion and Sally from Christmas Hills and their three children visited the top end in 1991 and led to David Gulpilil and Bobby Bunnungurr visiting them in Vic. A rough gem of a recording . Bobby was at Global with another songman and apart from two special performances ,ran a workshop sharing their culture.Beautifull people. Festival have recently released "Waak Waak Jungi-crow fire music".(Crow is their totem.) and liken it Deep Forest and Sacred Spirit. Its their biggest featured CD on their Aboriginal MusicCatalogue.

Ruby Hunter gave her classic story telling ,heart wrenching performance ,sharing much -womans bus. Everone wondered were Archie was ,but rumour has it he was partly resting up and also both enjoying some seperate performance time.The're such special artists in their own right and yet seem inseperable.

I've only shared snippets from the indigenous acts ;there was so much more,over 3 days on four stages.

I havn't got the exact dates on 99's Global ,but its generally the first weekend in October.

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