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Didgeridoo Travellers Guide to OZ by Heartland Didgeridoos

The Inspiration behind Didg travellers Guide to Oz and what I hope to offer and achieve.
* Tribe Vibes - A listing of  recommended Indigenous & Didgeridoo- Events & Festivals, 
Australia Wide
* Didgeridoo Teachers & Contacts * Places to Visit
Classic places to visit
* Markets to Check Out 
Classic markets to visit
* Didg Playing Spots-Caves etc.
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*  Places to Connect  with Indigenous  Folk -This page yet to be developed
Home Page
*Whats didgeridoo etiquette with indigenous folk,or, how to connect not reject.
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Painting by Peter Christiansen,
Prints may be obtainable -Contact Peter at 20 Old Resevoir Rd,Belgrave ,3160

The Inspiration behind Didg travellers Guide to Oz and what I hope to offer and achieve.

Susan and Bill from the States stayed in Bellingen for a year,on  a teachers exchange program and fell in love with Oz and the didg.

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Through didg I've been lucky to travel  and meet many other travellers. Since being on the net ,   travelling and connecting with folk   has changed, from the days of Heartland Didgeridoos attending  markets and festivals. On the down side I miss the face to face connecting with the many travellers I met via  our didg stall. On the plus side the connections grow but in a different way.

Over time we have  received many overseas travellers to our home,for the afternoon,a cuppa ,to buy a didg, to attend a workshop, to stay   for a while and    we  get  much enjoyment from  meeting in person and many long term friendships have been struck. From Susan and Bill in the States ,to many others in many corners of the world I feel blessed to know,that  I would be welcomed travelling too. Its comforting to recognise and celebrate our humanity by recognising our brothers and sisters from afar.

I enjoy being a hermit  in the hills and disapearing of on bush trips, but its   a pleasure to meet a new or old friend  and of course find  a home for  a didg if thats meant to be. Life is a dance and  its fun bringing all facets together, connecting ,friendships ,exchange ,business ,whatever. I'm always rapt to see a didg find a home ,but I've learnt that by putting people and friendships first ,all else looks after itself.  I offer our didgs for sale  and  I   lovingly welcome folk who'd just like to look  or  connect.

So I extend  a welcoming  hand to anyone travelling to Oz with didg in mind and is interested in connecting ,or checking our display of didgs or  searching for  advice on where to travel and who to track down.

We've helped a number of folk via emailing in the planning of their Oz travels, and some of this will form the beginnings of our online travel hints.

A couple of European fellas trying out my double didg at the Down to Earth  Confest
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Initially this will be a little biased to the Eastern seaboard and the areas we know best ,but we'll be doing our best to expand our network of knowledge.Our list of Didg teachers,  is growing to cover most States so if your wanting to learn   as you travel this will be definately helpfull.

.The main topics  that will be covered in this section  will be

* Didg Teachers and Contacts
*Towns to Visit
* Markets to Visit
* Festivals 
* Didg Playing Spots-Caves etc.
* Indigenous  Places to Connect
*Whats didg etiquette with indigenous folk,or, how to connect not reject.

The above topics will be developed over time under this section, to become   a register of knowledge  for the didg traveller.

Your feedback, and questions will assist,

Hope to connect along the way, Happy Travels and Didgin,




* Places to Visit
this page is under  construction 

New  South Wales

If travelling north from Sydney some of my favorite spots going north along the coast are 
*Myall Lakes & Seal Rocks
*South West Rocks area, Smokey Cape National park
* Valla Beach caves
*Coffs Harbour & Bellingen area where I live.Dorrigo National park. Whale watching off Coffs harbour.
* Red Rock area
*Minnie Waters - National park along Coast
* Byron Bay- & hinterland

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* Markets to Check Out 
this page is under  construction 

New  South Wales

Sydney markets

* Paddington
* The Rocks

Northern NSW Markets

* Bellingen Market -Great impromptu music- didg/drums, & buskers
* Channon Market - Great impromptu music- didg/drums, & buskers
* Byron Bay Market -Great impromptu music- didg/drums, & buskers

(Bello as its called for short , Channon & Byron markets are the best markets north of Sydney and  didg and drums are often  featured.)

Other top markets
* Bangalow
* Mullimbimby


Melbourne markets

* Red Hill- Fine crafts & art - didg busking
* St Andrews- Alternate impromptu music- didg/drums
* St Kilda - Esplanade Market- didgs for sale ( check them to make sure they play well  if buying)


North Queensland Markets

* Karanda
* Cairns
* Port Douglas


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