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Peace of mind !
How we do it !

We primarily use cardboard cylinders, naturally very strong. Inside the didg is padded by   foam,bubblewrap and or corrugated cardboard.

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They are 4 & 5mm thick depending upon diameter, so extremely strong.

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So much so, I can stand on the  cardboard roll without effecting whats inside.

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Here are  three about to fly to their homes in various corners of  the globe. pack2.JPG (16937 bytes)
Of course not all didgs fit a round cylinder, so either we create  one by using  sections of cylinder  or where very irregular in shape, we create a  box around the didg . Again using very thick cardboard for protection via the right angles in the box and the  padding within,

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Heartland Didgeridoos provides a fully secure, insured,  door to door service.

With freighting, as with the product you buy,  the  cheapest is not necessarily the best. Our costings ensure the best service possible at a reasonable price. We provide   attention to detail in all aspects of the freighting process , from our packaging methods  to who we use to freight  your didg.  So we get your didg to you in  the condition intended,  in a prompt timeframe and  with reputable freighters who also  provide follow  service where needed.


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