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Our guarantees and follow up service ensure the security a customer expects

We will always stand out by being prompt, clear and very informative
in all communications leaving you feeling looked after.
All brochure and Internet material will again
show this extra attention approach.



  • Heartland Didgeridoo's only select wood of the highest integrity
    & exercise the greatest care when sending didgs.

  • Over 6 years of making and sending didgs around Australia and the globe, we have only made Insurance claims for 3 didgs broken in freighting and have only had to replace 2 because of cracking.

    The reason is by being fussy in the selection process and wrapping them individually in foam  and cardboard. Because of the above customer service policy and our track record we ensure satisfaction.


Follow Up/ Post Sale Service

  • Will be a part of the "extra" we supply, by being there, when you have questions, after receiving the didg. Simply- the sale isn't the end point ! We are interested in your ongoing didg journey and making sure you're happy and fully informed.

  • You’ll be proud to own a Heartland didg, for the quality, detailed and spirit filled approach to making, packaging and supplying that shows in the didg, the cover, the information supplied about the didg and also the attention that you receive throughout in having your needs met.

  • Through experience we are  close to 99.9 % successfull in our selection of timbers that are  crack resistant. However a minute percentage may react for which we will always  give a full replacement guarantee if needed, or supply information to rectify the problem at our cost. Our commitment is to  find a solution that is win win.  A claim is  to be sent to us within a reasonable period after receipt of goods, enclosed with a  photo of the didg and detailed description of the problem and we will act on it promptly. ( If it is reacting to the climate, it should show within 2-4 weeks. If  further down the track we will still  be there to ensure your totally satisfied.) The need for this  is such a rarity and  on those very rare occasions we have found solutions that have left our clients more than happy.

  • Obviously the incentive lies with us to supply a didg that will be faultless and if there is a problem to solve it in a way that leaves the purchaser feeling looked after.


              Customer Satisfaction is Paramount.

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