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Samual Gurruwiwi- Yidaki Painting

Samuel painted this after  returning from the Standing Up Alive mens gathering, a coming together of  Yolngu(Aboriginal ) & Balanda ( White )

Full Story will come with painting.

This is a collectors piece. This painting resides in Arnhem land  at present and will be sent direct from there.

PRICE ~ A$6000 US$3240

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(this section being developed)

Three Art Prints, seven Black and White Photo Prints, and one Colour Photo Print of Uluru-(Ayers Rock) follow.

Art Prints

Immediately below are three limited edition prints that I purchased a couple of each and they are available at A$45 eachplus postage . Each print is approx 600mmX600mm or 450mm x700mm, on heavy cardboard ,and can be sent in a roll. They are all in mint condition and look impressive, - large-   in real life.

Kangaroo dance
printroo.JPG (14541 bytes)

Brolga dance

printbrolga.JPG (12109 bytes)

Cassowary dance
printcasso.JPG (15348 bytes)

Photo Prints

Alastair McNaughton's Photography is featured in the following  Photo prints . I used to sell these prints direct ,they are now supplied direct from  my friend Mac and his partner.  You can order via Heartland .Same price. All prints $30 + postage except Desert Acrobats which has a $30 size and a  $40 size
Print Sizes350mm x450mm,except Desert Acrobats which is 250mm x550mm & approx 450mmx700mm

Royalties go back to the Aboriginal Communities Concerned.


printelder.JPG (20748 bytes)

(Amazing what you find in a hollow log)

printhollow.JPG (22066 bytes)

Unfortunately I'm having some challenges scanning Black and White ,so the other 5 will be on soon.

ULURU-Ayers rock
Large print 290mmx390mm The Actual  photo print for sale, is a little different from scanned image below. The large print that I have stock of is a photo taken from same spot , with slightly different cloud and light formation,same bright red rock look.  Price   $20+ postage

printuluru.JPG (18232 bytes)

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