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Designed and Manurfactured by Scott Dunbar

Some of this pages info is out of date. However a 10% discount can be obtained by quoting 'Heartland' at  Slide Didg

Feedback on the Slide Didg
Scot and I have known each other for  many years. We have both bought didgs of each other and are always looking at ways of supporting each others work with didg.   Hardwood and Plastic ,we certainly are complimentary rather than in competition.

I've been glad to own a Slide didg. I use it in workshop situations, where I'm needing to travel light or  when I'm needing to cover all keys and I don't want to carry 4+ hardwood didgs. I prefer a hardwood didg to play , but its certainly a didg to add to the quiver, and  one to consider  as a beginner., Tynon

You can buy one, right now for 10% off the normal price by ordering direct of Slide didg & quoting Heartland

Please check current stock & availability with Slide didg


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Slide DidgeTM...

  • is a professionally manufactured variable pitch didgeridoo that plays more than ten times the notes of a didgeridoo.
  • Plays a high quality, primal resonating didge sound, amplifying vocals and horn notes particularly well.
  • Tunes to nearly any frequency of any musical instrument of the world at a slide.
  • Plays didge MELODY, CHANGES CHORDS with other Slide Didges in a harmonising choir of any size.
  • Is easier to play than a didgeridoo because you can tune it to your lips
  • The Slide DidgeTM plays a scale, two octaves below middle C, ranging from high C to low B. Around 30 notes can be played if you change your ombeture, ie. if you play the 3 horn notes on each note of the instrument.
  • Notes are clearly marked in spheres along the instrument’s length so they are visible to the Slide Didge TM player and neighbouring musicians.
  • The mouthpiece is ergonomically shaped allowing easy, comfortable playing.
  • Because of it's smooth, accessible surfaces, hygiene can be maintained easily.
  • The Slide DidgeTM weighs only 1.2 kg.
  • It is made of a type of PVC due to it’s durability, resonating qualities and cost.
  • It is 710mm at its shortest length and 1650mm when fully extended.
  • It has a brilliant sound quality.

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