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Rounded 35 cm                                    Flat 28cm


Our Clapsticks are made from the choicest hardwood ,searched out locally, from dead trees that have seasoned for decades. The   grey log in the top photo is what it looks like on the outside.   We make them to order only and we make them so they stand out as true clapsticks that ring loud .

Most clapsticks on the market today are sawn hardwood from the mill and  hardwood dowell. Most available are generally about 15-18cm's long.

Our clapsticks are made to  25cm-35cm in length (please specify if a specific length is desired), & and we make round and flat versions both tapering to a rounded point at the ends.

Personally I prefer the flat clapsticks for the range of sounds possible.You can hit them  Flat to Flat,Edge to Edge and Flat to Edge,aside from working towards the tip or back to the centre.

With the sourcing of the best wood ,chainsawing,cutting and sanding, considerable time goes into  making them, ensuring  they're primo clapsticks.

NOTE - In the top photo, compare between the small set  of clapsticks  that most often are sold around and about , to the three large sets that we make.

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