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The custom making process is the most enjoyable and exciting aspect of didg making ,for it brings together the nature of all didgs being individual and all people being individual.

It strengthens building relationship with the didgs and the buyer who becomes a friend in the process and so the right didg is guaranteed. How else can I put what is often an amazing process.

Over half of our didgs don't make it onto the net. The demand for quality instruments most often has us with orders being fulfilled from buyers descriptions and desires,for as quick as we make them they've found a home. Of course we'd always like to be one step ahead on the stock levels ,as it is exciting when we've got enough didgs to release some more for the Internet Catalogue. But as above we are happy to focus our business on the Custom side. It can sometimes mean a bit of a wait (not always though), but that can be part of the fun of the journey.

So if you have a clear idea of what you want, and are in for the journey ,we are able to search and support that into being. The photos and Info.on the internet are part of the process of helping you find your didg, but if its not there, theres a chance we're just about to finish it or we've got just the log to make it from.

A Custom order will generally take 3-12 weeks from order, but it can often take longer. Sometimes a totally open time frame is needed. Depends on what your after.

We ask for a deposit up front of A$200 with a guarantee for you that we will return A$140 if its not what your after.  So effectively if its not what your after I will cover freighting it home. Very very costly for us. Or we will have it replaced with another that is what your after. So I will ensure your 100% satsifaction.

We have never had a custom order not work out, except that occassionaly we'll do a lot of toing an froing helping someone and for some reason they aren't able to follow through, so the deposit  is more to acknowledge the extra work we put into custom orders ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

If you'd like to enquire as to whether we can bring forth what your looking for, please consider the following in clarifying your desired didg.

Custom Didgeridoo Considerations

*Diameter, top and bottom
*Weight &Thickness of wood ,strong /light
*Flare at end /Size of inner hole
*Musical key or Note - e.g A(low),B,C,D,E,F,G(High)-- Sharps also available, Higher and lower notes available on request ,however this is the basic range
*Choice of Natural (with bark), Bare (sanded back to wood grain), Painted design, Bare/painted (mix), Special design work - Custom, Collectors Item (rare didg because of looks ,sound and features)
*Choice of -Beginners didg or Beginners yet advanced as to potential or Advanced or classic playing didg.

The more details you provide the better. Also let us know what factors are have to's and what factors are preferences and what factors are flexible. Keep in mind though, that if your list equates to it being quite a process to find and or make the exact one, this can effect the price. I find the most successful custom order processes are those where the buyer is clear about there needs whilst being open to what else presents itself .This is the dance of didg.

Pricing -Didgs sold from Custom orders are priced the same as all our didgs.In other words there is no loading or extra .The price is however still finalised once the didg is complete and we give no guarantee that it is the same or close to the guesstimate. It generally is ,but sometimes in the final stages a lot more work is put into the making or painting or it ends up far surpassing the playing quality imagined. Of course if we are working to your needs on a desired budget we will offer a couple or a number of options, to ensure we have what you want. If the scope of what your wanting includes many many aspects or is along the lines of "The sound must be the best you've ever heard" (Taken from a current custom order), then of course we need no expectation on price. We don't load it for the sake of it but fairly price  it within the range of quality and pricings. The same applies for any "Collectors Item" Didg. Whilst structuring our pricing to reflect the quality and energy put in, we do however keep our prices at affordable and reasonable levels for the passionate player.

Verifying your didg- is done by the above process itself and can be backed up with emailing a photo or a phone call so I can play the didg over the phone. When we go all the way in making sure that were sending the right didg ,its then guaranteed to be the one.

Payment can be via cheque or credit card. Refer to "Ordering page" for further details on Payment Process and options.

Freighting time generally to you within 2-3 weeks if ready to go.

Feedback from Custom Clients

Feb'99 - 4 Didgs for Gil in Texas USA


The didges arrived safe and sound. They're absolutely wonderful.I'm in love with all of them. Owl Eyes was for a friend. She was deeply pleased with her gift.

Deep thanks,Gil

A later message included "Every time I pick up one of my didges, I think of you. You are so intimately tied to them. They play beautifully."

Feb'99 -Didg for Adam in Canada

Hey Tynon, the didge arrived as planned. Its beautiful, I like the free standing ability too. Very nice. Thanks for sending the cover as well, thats great.I assume everything went well on your end of things,with the visa and all.I totally appreciated how everything worked out so well and that it was such a pleasure to purchase the didge from you. If I know of anyone looking for a didge I will definatly recommend you to them. I don't know if I will buy anything else over the net again, but this was a good experience all around. So thanks again and may the heavans smile upon you if they haven't already.


1997 & 98 - 3 orders to Svein in Norway

Bivrost Instruments have for a period of one year, received 3 orders of didgeridoos - for use in our "world music group" called Urd, and to supply the growing interest of didgeridoo and Australian aboriginal culture, in Norway/Scandinavia.

This growing interest causes a lot of speculations of where to get "the right" didgeridoos from Australia. Bivrost Instruments have done some research in that respect, and found some craftsmen/places in Australia - where we know to get what we want. Heartland Didgeridoos in Bellingen, NSW, Australia is such a place.

The keyword here is quality! I find that the DIDGERIDOOs which satisfy Bivrost Instruments with respect to material understanding, treatment, key/tone, decoration and overseas delivery routines, but also aboriginal cultural understanding - comes from Heartland Didgeridoos. We are very happy with the didgeridoos, they are done in an environment which guarantee the quality we are always looking for.

We have approximately received a total of 25 didgeridoos over that above mentioned one year period - and are looking forward to continue our business relationship between Heartland Didgeridoo and Bivrost Instruments in the future.

Yours sincerely Svein P. Wesenlund



Svein P. Wesenlund
Nordbergvn. 67
N-0875 OSLO
Tel: +47 22 23 84 81

E-mail: svei-pw@online.no


Thanks for your enquiry .We hope to find and make you a special didgeridoo.

Happy Didgin , Tynon

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