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DRY- Z -BONE Didgeridoo Cover bags - Fully water proof.
We supply two type of covers our,
Single layer design and our padded bag design which is the ultimate cover for your didg.


Material -We use Dry-Z-Bone masterial as its tough cotton and its become "Australian" like the didg is ! The material is primarily used in making the best quality raincoats available. The Dry-Z-Bone comes in Dark Ochre Marone, Lighter Marone,Brown and Black. The lots we source do effect colour availability and we normally supply according to what is in stock .We sometimes receive colour Specified orders and in most situations we can supply , sometimes there is a delay whilst we source and at worst a colour may be unavailable.We sell oiled and un oiled Dry-Z- Bone and the most popular colours are Ochre marone and Brown. Everyone who's checked & bought our Padded Dry-Z-Bone Cover say its the best cover they've seen.

American Client on receipt of didg and cover

"You told me about the cover but I didn't realize it was going to be that
nice.  Thank you so much we couldn't be any happier.  " -Emily Wilson

Prices- Single Layer Bag -A$60 Plus freight

---------------------Padded Bag -A$150 Plus freight The highest  quality didg bag I've seen on any didg.

-------------------- Belled didgs & Large didgs extra $20+  for single layer, extra $45 + for Padded Bags depending upon size of didg.

GENUINE ABORIGINAL ART  Didgeridoo Cover bags

Comes with story
Made from Natural Fibres, Solvent Free inks and Computer Free designs.

PRICE~ A$ 80  approx US$45 
or with didg order instead of Dry- Z- Bone didg bag add A$60 US$32

Womens Dreaming
Lightening Spirits


Freighting -We send via Australia Post and will arrive anywhere in the world within 14-21 days or sooner depending upon destination.

Freight Cost - Let us know destination and whether desiring Urgent , via Economy Air or Seamail to save $.We will then email return ,freight costings.

Payment can be made by credit card if needed.Fax or phone,(do not email) card details to ensure security .

When ordering please send preferred didg cover size, by measuring longest length point and circumfirence of widest point(generally bottom of didg).Some folk think diameter, however circumfirence is better.If you havn't got a clothes makers flexible tape measure ,use a length of string and then work back of ruler.We then build in allowances for room off actual measurements. If your ordering a range of sizes we can make suggestions to help you choose sizes to give you the range needed .

Thanks for your enquiry.We hope to help you with a cover for your special didgeridoo. Tynon
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