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DIDJERIBONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Multi Keyed sliding didjeridoo

Heartland's feedback

 I have a personal Didjeribone and a Slide  didg. I'm sure you're wondering which is better. They both have their strengths. I use them both. Depends on your preference. I sell them both and support both makers who have given didgeridoo players great instruments to plays with.

In short Didjeribone is lightweight, durable and indestructible to normal use, is a two piece sliding didg which is simple, slides cleanly all the time, plays great and is economical.  It is compact in diameter which gives them brilliant backpressure and power. I find the resonance excellent. I use them for teaching all the time, travelling and highly recommend them.

COST A$120 plus freight A$60 international

I make an indestructible  bag  with cylinder contained for the Didjeribone, for A$60 Didjeribone comes normally in a cardboard box, so I purchase a cylinder which fits snugly in a custom bag. A great way to protect them guaranteed when in transit.

Designed and Manufactured by Charlie McMahon


Charlie’s first Didjeribone made in 1981 came from his desire to expand the potential for didj in music. In traditional Aboriginal music didjeridus are not tuned precisely and mainly play a rhythmic drone to support a song. With Charlie’s band GONDWANA didj became the focus so more was demanded of it. 

Different materials were tried. Metals were found to be unsuitable as they corrode from breath moisture and sound cold. Wood pipes tended to jam as wood absorbs moisture and the inner pipe expands more than the outer one. Plastics had none of these problems. 

In 1995 Didjeribone was registered as a Trademark and the design process began to give the following qualities:


Custom made extrusion dies ensure a minimum clearance between the two pipes, so the Didjeribone slides effortlessly between the ten keys, but does not allow air to escape when fully extended.


The highest being G when closed, then there are seven keys etched into the yellow inner pipe. Running from F# down to C and extending further you can reach B and Bb. 


Makes for easy contact with the lips and as the circumference is the optimum size it is easy to play, and does not require the wax often used to made wood didjeridus playable. 


Give the Didjeribone a brighter and louder sound than linear shaped didjeridus.


Weighing less than 0.5kilograms the Didjeribone uses a minimum of materials so it can be played in a variety of positions, and is unlikely to break or cause damage if it is dropped.


The Didjeribone’s red, yellow and black earth colours are (along with white) the earth colours of Australia and traditional Aborigine’s art. The Didjeribone recognizes the indigenous roots of the didj. Paddy Fordam was paid for the right to reproduce his 'mimi spirit' figure on the didjeribone and site. Many artists who have contributed to the recordings shown on the booklet have copyright for the songs they have co-written with Charlie.


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