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John Bowdern has put out an excellent Tape,CD and Book for those that would like a very detailed  step by step approach to learning and  expanding into advanced playing styles. I recommend  it highly as  a string to the bow.  It would be helpfull to most everyone somewhere along the journey.
John is an ex Music teacher and an avid bird watcher,and he does justice to teaching it practicly, and offeres  a wide range of bird  sounds done on the didg and how to do them.

Initially, likeI did, some  may find it ,  in its a western or musical thought approach , a little bit disconnected from didgs  spirit and ritual contexts, however I've come full circle to seeing the  great contribution John has given to understanding  its musical  backbone and how to work with it. Each of us   is coming from different places at different times along the scale from Right to Left brain. This is  more to the left and its  perfect for when your in that mode.

There is  nothing comprehensive covering the other side, but I know of someone working on it.
It will be great to be able to offer   both perspectives.

So to give you  a rundown on Johns Learn to Play Tools
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Total Playing time -I hour 11 mins- 93 Individual  Lessons-Content for Book   listed below , so the same format for the CD and Tape but in a more detailed   practical format for learning by listening and being taken through the lessons one at a time.  Price Tape $25+ Postage   &   CD $30 + Postage

BOOK - 47 pages - Content  listed below   Price  $25+ Postage


A Didgeridoo For Beginners

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 1
Basic Droning Sound
Tone Changes
Some Fun Sounds
Making a Didgeridoo
Pitch and Sound Qualities

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 2
Circular Breathing
The Physiology Of Circular Breathing
Increasing Your Air Capacity
Traditional Didgeridoo

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 3
Animal Sounds
Ventriloquial Effects
Double Notes and Chords
Didgeridoo Decorations

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 4
Rhythms And Rhythm Patterns
More About Circular Breathing
Didgeridoo and Aboriginal Music

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 5
Making Rhythm Patterns More Interesting
Inserting Sounds into a Rhythm Pattern
Superimposing Voiced Notes
More About Double Notes
‘The Didgeridoo Today"

Playing The Didgeridoo - Lesson 6
Rhythm Patterns and Tone Changes
Didgeridoo Languages
Speaking Through The Didgeridoo
‘Horn’ Notes or Overtones
Clap Sticks
Didgeridoo Solos
Important Points About Solos
Playing to a Musical Backing
12 Bar Blues
Study in D for Didge
Learning From Live Performances
Learning From Recordings
Selecting And Buying A Didgeridoo
Taking Care Of Your Didgeridoo
Bibliography and Further Study

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