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Practical Quality Differences.

*Didgs are picked termite (white ant) hollowed , with natural tapers, good clear holes, and excellent wood integrity. Anything that doesn't fit this criteria we dont make.

* Wherever possible our didgs are made from sunseasoned ( dead) wood rather than cutting green trees. Two of our makers make from dead wood only,the rest of us as much as we can . In certain areas they are easier to find. In other areas one can find a fair percentage if willing to look and spend a bit more time. Despite the availability of dead wood didgs , 99% of makers in the wider market make from green wood. This is why cracking is such a problem. With sunseasoned didgs they are cured to perfection.

* Didgs that are cut green are selected and cured , as didgs with top wood integrity. With being selective, we can put our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed behind our didgs.

*Our didgs are worked on the inside  to ensure the highest possible playing quality. The last 150mm-300mm on the inside is sanded smooth to maximise sound transference.

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* They are sealed on the inside as well as the outside, either with oil, beeswax, or natural resin varnish. The majority of didgs in the wider market are not worked or sealed on the inside. As with the dominant western culures attitude that appearances count most, this attitude is definately flawed. Inner and outer are equally important, reality always shows up eventually, even with didgs and how they've been made.

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* The ends of the didgs are sanded smooth not left with the rough saw cut as most didgs are in the wider market .

* Many of our didgs are painted with collected rock ochres ground in the traditional way. This is now a rarity in the wider market.

* All our didgs are painted by feeling, playing and bringing through the didgs spirit. This reflects in their individuality and a feeling of specialness. We dont standardise our didgs into length,key, or painted style to fit ordering simplicity.

* Our didgs are found in the bush with respect for the land and the fragile environments they come from. We selectively take didgs , and wherever there is a feeling of sensitivity we take extra care. Sometimes we'll walk away from the most primo didg if theres something telling us to leave it; whether, an owl looking out of a hollow, a feeling of sacredness of the spot or just a gut feeling.

Mouthpiece Standards

All mouthpieces despite top-outside diameter are finished to Waxed Mouthpiece opening of 28-30mm . If desired it can be heated by standing in the sun and molded smaller or wider to suit anyones perfect mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece wax is coloured with ochre or ash . It is stronger and less resistant to melting unless left in the sun for a long period like any wax mouthpiece.mouthpieces.JPG (15150 bytes)

What makes the way we operate diffferent ?

~Each didg is made by passionate players

~The maker finds it,makes it, paints, plays it & often is the one selling it. We dont get into disectiing  the tasks , or  mass producing as is very common.

~Each didg is made to feature its innate individuality.

~Heartland Didgeridoos effectively operates as a co-operative of makers, all with the express purpose of making highest quality didgeridoos.

~We love what we do .

~We enjoy the process of finding the right didg for the enquiring buyer. Each didg and each person is individual, finding the right match is half the fun of the journey.

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