Introduction- By Tynon- I only recently met Gary over the web.  He was chasing down some  missing didgs for his quiver.  I've been incredibly impressed, he comes a cross as a fella who has been into didgeridoo for a decade, not a short time.  He's also into  native american flutes and shakuhachi! With didg he has a clear idea of what makes a good player and has already tracked down some beauties.  Didg and ancient woodwinds have got him, he loves them and he is passionate about building an awesome  collection, covering all the pitches and styles.  His story is on the way, but I'll tempt you below with a snap of his  collection to date.   He has just begun to play didgeridoo and flutes on stage, with groups, at dances and at meditations.  He calls himself  a 'medicine frog' a term that descibes his desire to be part of  seeing positive environmental earth change.  At nearly 50 he's just now discovering these interests ... and perhaps some instinctive tribal roots.  I'm sure  his story will be a good read.

Didg Quiver Origin & Story                                                                      

 ....its on the way......


Gary Leatham’s Stage Didgeridoo Collection

          Pitch*            Maker             Length    Bell   Material        Characteristics
‘Low G’             --(wish list)--                     --          --            Eucalyptus           Must have high pitch resonance  
‘Low A’             --(wish list)--                            --          --             Agave                  Waiting for the best meditative
‘Low Bb’        Matthew Gowan                        72.0”      3.3”     Ironwood             Very resonant deep fast player
‘Low B’         Inlakesh (Rob Tanya)              66.4”      3.5”     Agave                   Deep fast for a ‘B’ very vocal
‘Low C’         Djalu Guruwiwi                          63.5”      2.8”     Eucalyptus          Very loud distinct responsive
‘Low C’         Munga Sheriff  (Heartland)     53.1”      4.7”     Eucalyptus          Impressive character! vocal
‘Low C#’       Munga Sheriff (Heartland)      52.8”      5.1”     Eucalyptus          Impressive character! vocal
‘Low C#/D’   Djalu Guruwiwi                         54.5”      3.5”     Eucalyptus         Tribal animal growler
‘D’                 Inlakesh (Rob Tanya)                61.0”      4.6”     Agave                  Fast playing flexible styles
‘D’                 Matthew Gowan                           63.5”      4.5”     Ironwood             Hard driving hammering rhymic
‘D’                 Badakupa Guruwiwi                   61.5”      4.7”     Eucalyptus          Flows smoothly fast w/ 3 octaves
‘D/Eb’           Bali Import                                   58.8”      5.5”     Eucalyptus          Cavernous heavy deep boomer!
 ‘Eb’              Datjirri                                          53.8”      4.3”     Eucalyptus           Echoing hummer, smooth
‘E’                 Tracy Denny                                 57.2”      4.9”     Eucalyptus           V. resonant flow with easy toots
 ‘E’                Tyler Spencer                              49.5”      3.5”      Agave                   Loud warm resonance & traveler
 ‘F’                Milkayngu Munungun               36.6”      4.7”     Eucalyptus           Just awesome in all categories
 ‘F#’              Djalu Guruwiwi                           58.5”      4.5”     Eucalyptus          V. fast smooth player 3 octaves
 ‘G’               Matt Barlow                                  48.0”      6.7”     WB Eucalyptus  Fast Player Deep Res
‘High A’            --(wish list)--                               --          --         Eucalyptus            Must have low tones
‘High B’             --(wish list)--                              --          --         Eucalyptus            Must have low tone
 ‘Low B - High C’ - Slide Didge                        28 -  65”    3.5”     PVC                  Practice traveler &
slide effects







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