Scot Gardner - Victoria, Australia

Introduction- By Tynon-  Its an absolute pleasure  to do an intro on Scot. He's an all time gem of a didg fella. Its hard to do justice in words but in simplicity he carries the spirit of didg in so many ways. Heart and Spirit through and through. He  is as comfortable expressing the fun  side of didg, hamming it up with a didg on a  comedy program on TV or in allowing it to be a tool in his work with  teenage boys struggling to find the way to manhood.  His ability to bridge all worlds  shows  in the name of the  young mens program that Scot and a friend take to schools- "Footy, Beer and Girls" He's been active in so much of the didg happenings over the last 10 years in his State. One of the organisers of  Didgfest  that ran for a number of years and guest teacher and performer  regularly at Didgbash and Didg Nights in Melbourne, as well as running didg workshops throughout  eastern Victoria, he's always been there, his unassuming vivacious self, giving to other didg folk. 

Scot has a very unconditional   relationship to didg and it shows in how didgs miraculously come into his possession and he then  passes them on just as freely.  The same goes for how  he interacts with people in his sharings and receptivity. He started  way back in the 90's. It  was  an awesome network source over the web since didg first became a happening thing over the web. It was one  of the must visit web sites.

He has recently allowed to come to rest, as he immerses himself more in his writing, another one of his many passions and  in mens work,in his area . He has recently published his first novel "One Dead Seagull" which has been very successful  in a short period.

 Didg may be more in the background, but in away he never had the didg out front, he  simply always has,  in a relaxed  and out there way, just expressed himself and  encouraged others to do so, with a big  smile on his face and  a radiant heart and a blast from a didg.

 So didg is still an awesome friend and one way he shares his love of life.", Tynon  - Scots Book Fanpage  - For information about the Footy, Beer and Girls program


Didg Quiver - Origin & Story                                                                      

Didj quiver.  Is that the right term for my mob?  I dunno, maybe Didj posse.  Didj circus, more like.

I’ve bought a few Didjs over the years – most of them Heartland Didgeridoos.  I’ve been given many more than I’ve bought and made a few unique specimens.  I have 37 in my collection … maybe I should rephrase that … there are 37 Didjs that live at my joint.

  I’ve given away quite a few.  Sometimes it feels like the right thing to do.  There’s an honesty in giving Didjs away that keeps me keenly aware of the fact that Didj’n is a journey and letting one go is often an invitation for the next monster stick to arrive.  Like good friends…

  Every Didj has a personality and it often takes a few years and mood changes to get to know it well.  I have party Didjs and meditative numbers, Didjs I play when I’m feeling lazy and Didjs that are a guaranteed work out. 

  I had a full octave (plus a few semitones) of timber Didjs for many years.  I grew tired of carting them around.  If you’ve got a G, C, D and E Didj you’ll be able to find common ground with almost any musician you play with. 

I’m a big fan of slide Didjs.  They make sense.  The intimacy created with a timber Didj is lost on the bulk of audiences I play to.  I like silly Didjs, too.  I have Didjs that are also vacuum cleaners, guns, a battle axe, nun-chucks, mace, exhaust pipes (with and without pong box!), Didjs from gourds, monster agaves, MIG welded and powder coated aluminium, a box Didj and an octagonal Didj in New Guinean redwood by Chris Radings from Pakenham.  Beautiful.  Yeah, and when I’m playing for myself I don’t play ANY of them. 

'Didjtree' -below-is a small collection of monster Agaves and cyperus didj's (with a Slidedidj for colour).

'Oldfaithful' - above and below - below is a close up of this didj I play the most.


'Beejdidj' is a collection of crazy and beautiful didjs with Bryce (now five)

  They’re show ponies.  It’s hard to have a solid relationship with a show pony.

  I have a fifteen year old Djalu.  I have a beautiful bare mallee heart-didj by Tynon.  They’re sweet Didjs that I wouldn’t normally take to a gig.  They’re Didjs that that have history and power for me.

  My favorite Didj is an easy choice.  It’s ‘the bridge’ between inner presence and stage presence.  A Heartland Didgeridoo in D# made by Tynon nearly ten years ago.  A guaranteed ear-catcher – warm, loud, friendly and virtually indestructible.  Solo instrument (D# is a useless key).  The paint-work is simple brown and gold, striking and beautifully worn.  It’s like a pair of walking boots – not particularly glamorous but such an intimate part of me.", Scot


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