Custom Didgeridoo Making Service



At Heartland the custom making process is the most enjoyable and exciting aspect of didg
making, and from experience it is a equally enjoyable and rewarding
process for the client , for it brings together the nature of all didgeridoos being
individual and all people being individual, and makes possible the best possible
results because of the backing of 30+ years of making, playing and teaching
experience. It has at the core, a kinship on the journey so to speak. In this there
is respect, compassion, genuine interest and a desire for  fulfilment.

A custom order strengthens the relationship between the buyer and the
didgeridoo and the land where it is from, by being connected to the process of its
creation, as well as enriching the relationship between the buyer and the maker,
which bodes well in many ways.  There is so much more information shared
between the buyer and the maker in the process, ensuring the right result and the
best didgeridoo. How else can I put what is often an amazing process.

Some of  the best didgs don’t make it onto the web. The demand for quality instruments
has many orders being fulfilled from buyers descriptions and desires,

So if you have a clear idea of what you want, or would like help refining that, and
are up for the journey ,we are ready to search and support  your didgeridoo
project into being. The photos and info on the internet are part of the process of
helping you find your didg, but if its not there, there’s a chance we are just about to
finish it or we’ve got just the log to make it from.

A Custom order will generally take 4-16 weeks from order, but it can take
longer. Sometimes a totally open time frame is needed. Depends on what your

We ask for a deposit up front of A$300 providing you with a guarantee that we
will return all funds if it’s not what your after.  So effectively if its not what your
after I will cover freighting it home. Or we will have it
replaced with another that is what your after.  Heartland guarantees your
100% satisfaction.

We have never had a custom order not work out.

If you’d like to enquire as to whether we can bring forth what your looking for,
please consider the following in clarifying your desired didg.


Please ask and  to help us find what you’re after, we can send you a Questionnaire. In it will be all the important considerations to help you refine what you are seeking. The more detail
you provide, the easier it is for us to find and make your special new
didgeridoo. It may take you some time to fill out, so can I suggest making a
special time to do so and if the purchasing of your didgeridoo holds
special meaning for you, perhaps also take time in nature or somewhere
special to allow the truth of what you seek to come through. I welcome
hearing of the deeper meaning if there is one.

The more details you provide the better. Also let us know what factors are “have
to’s and what factors are “preferences” and what factors are “flexible”. Keep in
mind though, that if your list equates to it being quite a process to find and or
make the exact one, this can affect the timing price. I find the most successful
custom order processes are those where the buyer is clear about there needs
whilst being open to what else presents itself. This is the dance of didg. That said
exacting requirements can equally be successful when we together get the right
approach to achieving them.


Didgeridoos ex Custom orders are priced the same as all our didgs. In other
words there is no loading or extra .The price is however still finalised once the
didg is complete and we give no guarantee that it is the same as the estimate. It
generally is  but sometimes in the final stages a lot more work is put into the
making or painting or it ends up far surpassing the playing quality imagined. Of
course if we are working to your needs on a desired budget we will offer a couple
or a number of options to ensure we have what you want. If the scope of what
your wanting includes many aspects or is along the lines of “the sound must be
the best you’ve ever heard” (Taken from a current custom order), then of course
we need flexibility on price. We don’t load it but fairly price it within the
range of quality and pricings. The same applies for any Collectors
Didgeridoo. Whilst structuring our pricing to reflect the quality and energy put in,
we do however keep our prices fair and reasonable.


1. Once the questionnaire has been returned, we will respond and accept the
order and provide initial feedback.

2. Once we agree on the detail. I provide this commitment in a doc form.

3. You send through deposit and we are underway.

As desired it is  backed up by emailing  photos & or a phone call. Sometimes
options are provided to select from. Some clients prefer to be surprised knowing
it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Being we go all the way in making sure that were sending the right didgeridoo ,its
to date always been a success.

I Tynon will oversee and most likely be the one that makes your didgeridoo, as
custom orders are my particular passion and focus. When I refer to we or us, I
refer to my fellow makers which is a small few that generally is 2 or 3 others. I will communicate who is involved with your order and if there is a collaboration. If I
haven’t let you know otherwise it is myself.

I have always loved the process of emailing to and fro, however I do find it hard
to do all I do and keep up the level of communication I would ideally like. Building
in the level of detail into this Info doc and in the Questionnaire, there is a desire to get all the detail required and thus care for you as best we can and keep it as simple as possible.

If I am ever a bit slow in reply or short and sweet, know that I am there and feel
welcome to call me, as sometimes this is the quickest way to connect or
reconnect where needed and answer questions in a timely way. I will otherwise
be in touch periodically.

The more clarity plus ease and grace we can build into the process, this gets
instilled in the end result.
My efforts to create this include not being willing to take on too many orders.
Keeping it sustainable keeps me immersed in the craft and creating awesome

It’s an insured service and traceable.
There are economical, standard and express options.
It arrives within 1-2 weeks unless there are certain circumstances either known or
beyond our control. They are extremely rare.


There is a new extended service that involves client involvement
pre finding the didgeridoo. It may be a 6-24 month process to fruition. It is a
step up as to commitment, involvement together, cost and the service that comes
with the didgeridoo. It will also come with a full story of its journey including
pictures from bush to completion. This is new and being it will be a step up on all
levels please only enquire if you are seriously ready and willing to go on a journey that will ask for that bit extra including its cost, for I will go there from day
one including the process of exploring whether we actually go bush together.



Thanks for taking the time to get to know how Heartland may help you. We wish you well on your journey. I trust as so many folk will also attest, the right didgeridoo will come.
Happy days & didgin to come!!!

Jarrod Bremmer

11 months ago i made the call from where I was sitting over looking Uluru and placed my order on my very first custom didg.

The amazing journey that has unfolded since that day ,between me and tynon has been one of pure divine magic.  After sharring my intention for this beautiful healing didg. Tynon helped me to understand what was involved in making a great didg by taking me through the process in great depth, through all the different elements and factors of what gets the best sound and even to practicality of the weight, to finally over a few calls come up with my custom design.

Ive really appreciated the communication through this journey..keeping me updated with the different stages. Really allowing me to be involved energetically.  I also really appreciate  tynons energy and his understanding of energy. He really understood the importance of this instrument..I am so grateful that I have received my didg which flys the wedgtail eagle totem. The art is mind blowing and so powerful. The sounds that are coming through are just incredible and on a whole other level to anything I have experienced. well worth the wait.

I will be placing another order in soon for my next piece of healing magic.  Thankyou brother


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