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Happy New Year
All the best for 2013

May your dreams lead you along  wonder full paths.
May your friends & family enrich the journey.
May your work & play be fun & rewarding.

 & of course~  May your didgeridoo playing
create awe some moments & openings.
Many blessings on your year.

21st Dec 2012  
"A New Rhythm"

~The day may pass but the essence of the day I sense, is true of these times for years to come~

End of the Mayan Calender, & yet of course a new one begins, a new cycle. Astronomically we have moved through 12 zodiac ages each of approx 2160 years.  Aside from the Mayans, the Tibetans, ancient Egyptians, Cherokee & Hopi Indians also refer to the same 26000 years in their mystical belief systems and saw great significance in this time and transition.

Solstice  2012, the sun is in conjunction with the equator of the Milky Way and our solar system  transverses the physical and therefore  electromagnetic centre of the Galaxy.

The Milky Way  ‘straddles’ the Earth touching it at all points and, according to the Mayan mythology,  a ‘Cosmic Gateway’ is opened.

In mythological language this event signifies the joining of the First Father with the Cosmic Mother – or more precisely: the rebirth of the First Father (the sun of the solstice) through the womb of Cosmic Mother (the dark space in the Milky Way). The beginning of a new Great Cycle and emergence of a new era  - the resetting of the great stellar clock - and perhaps a new stage in the nature of human consciousness and civilization.


I've always played didg for how it makes me feel, its fun & there is a harmonizing, a balancing that seems to occur within, and I so relate to the myth where Ubar the hollow log is related as containing the masculine phalus  spirit  as well as the uterus of the mother, the inner feminine feeling world. (more  on this myth & dreaming Heartland Dance) Thus for me didgeridoo is a gender balanced & inclusive instrument. I reckon for all of us  in these times, men  woman, children; it reminds us to play, enjoy have fun, and to  be earthed and be in our heart. For the heart is the centre, that place beyond opposites and didgeridoo helps us to centre back in. In that place for me it empowers the masculine, the man that I am, as well as supporting me embrace my feminine that is equally a part of me.

I have sensed in my bones for decades that we live in a time where we have the opportunity to reconcile the inner and outer divide. Didgeridoo for me is an incredible friend on that journey. This solstice and this new age,  we keep hearing about.... the heralding of the Aquarian age, is deemed to be a more spiritual and community connected phase in our evolution.  Well sounds good...bring it on.

Millions world wide gather/ed to celebrate solstice 21st Dec 2012 and I cant help but share how uplifted I feel post a gathering last night with about 30 friends at our home. We played instruments,  sung songs and shared hopes and dreams. We learnt & sung a particular song that was sung by people world wide on this day, & we played many didgs with five of us there being players.  Two friends also had recently hung out with Djalu and the rhythms were rich and soul filling.  To empower this turning point, that the night centred in on, we  structured  the night around a flexible ritual construct which helped deepen the experience for all.

Whether just a lovely mix of folk  & or the focus of the solstice, it was  wonderful heart opening  experience. And wow did didg gift so much to the eve. I will have a couple of pics & a blog on the ritual/  didg side of things coming.

Have you considered blessing yourself with a custom made didgeridoo,
made just for you? How would that be?

 custom didgeridoo
  This bloodwood didgeridoo @170cm - 5 foot 8inch long, &  as an F with a F overtone !!!
Can you imagine how this one plays??  :)

The Dance of being Finder, Maker, Maker, Artist, Player, Seller of didgeridoo

by Heartland Didgeridoos owner, Tynon.
 END 2012 UPDATE~     whats news~ whats coming~

In previous years web updates & live stock on the site for sale have been a bit behind & yet behind the scenes, the shop is full of didgeridoos & more didgerdoos get found, get made and find new homes and my custom orders increase and the need for the web site to be live in some ways lessened.

Everything  changes
though,  and as I have now passed 20 years as maker and  just last week coded my 2500'th didgeridoo that i've made, I find a shift in my didg world is here..

With this shift I find myself  excited to connect more outwardly again and share more intimitely what I've been gifted with  over the years.

Aside from my passion making quality individual didgeridoos and playing of course
, I have atttracted through my interest ,countless experiences playing didgeridoos in rituals of all sorts, from births to funerals,  weddings,  initiations   and been blessed to be part of  traditional ceremony and used the didgeridoo as a tool within healing sessions; and I look fwd to sharing via blogs and vids stories & snap shots. I hope they'll  support your journeys, and help  increase the respect for , and the use of the didgeridoo in ways that reflect its full gifts.

I had a realization  lately.  Knowing the part of me that chooses to  be connected to all aspects of the process, finding, making, art & playing as well as helping clients & managing web site, this has a gift  and a challenge. The gift is two fold. Its rich as,  and  anyone buying from Heartland gets a didg that has full connection from the land to you, loved all the way into being. The relationship is alive.  No dissection of tasks.  On the other side, is the challenge, that Heartland doesn't have the  economies of scale or dissection of tasks that in a modern way supports productivity.

The main area that has suffered recent years has been  the web site, and I have previously been in wait mode for the full rebuild before making a change, only to now realize that waiting for it to be perfectly ready is perhaps missing the point. Maybe the gift I have to offer is to share that journey, be transparent and take you on a journey with me as I rebuild the site and  really let you in to the Heartland  didg world.

So stay tuned as uploads hit the site. I'm hinting at a shift  that has begun here at Heartland. I'll be in touch again by end of jan'13  I'm real excited about the year to come, & I look forward to sharing the world of didgeridoo with you. if theres anything you are particularly wanting to know, or want to see a blog on, feel welcome to drop us an email .

happy days & didgin, Tynon

P.S. if considerig a new didgeridoo, do consider a custom didg. It's  a rich experience, & guarantees a very very special didgeridoo and one that truly suits you.

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Have fun surfing our site



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Our business  comes from a passionate players perspective.  Heartland Didgeridoos is connected to didgeridoos roots, we're committed to caring for the land  and the people who make and play them and inspired to keep stretching the possibilities.  
Didgeridoos are a  precious reminder of our connection with the natural world.  They exude  simplicity  and yet the wondrous sounds, rhythms  and musical complexity that they can harness, remind us  of  the magic  and mystery of life.

There is no other instrument known that nature has created, that is so musically expressive. It  inspires  wonder , and is both calming and enlivening. Didgeridoo has been played for perhaps thousands of years. It was found  by  the  aboriginal peoples of the north of Australia. 
In using  didgeridoos in rituals, for enjoyment and for healing purposes, aboriginal folk developed highly  evolved and intricate styles of playing . 
In our modern world today, didgeridoo playing has birthed another journey with endless variations and  musical  possibilities. Whether they're made from hardwood, Agave, bamboo, gourds, or plastic,  or played, traditional, techno, jazz  or blues, whether along with a guitar, a drum, bagpipes or flute; this amazing instrument is still  being discovered and reinvented.  You and I are part of that unfolding and each of us will give something special, just as we do by being ourself. Didgeridoo is   a special instrument for supporting our personal expression. All power to your journey didg friend !!!!!!!!

For TWO DECADES we have specialised in making and sourcing highest quality didgeridoos. 

If our web site has not been updated for a little while, we still have a lot of stock moving in and out, so we encourage your enquiries, it is our focus to help you find that special didg you are searching down.

happy didgin , & happy hunting, Tynon


One of the  most comprehensive displays of Individual didgs for sale on the web!!



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